Bob Hope Enterprises claims the Feds' Bob Hope Christmas Special is under copyright


Does YouTube still have the claimants themselves reviewing counter-notifications, or have they gotten that fox out of the henhouse?

Was there a contract between the US Government and Bob Hope? Absent a contract which would spell out the terms of a contracted work made for hire and what the government’s rights would be, I think that Bob donated his performance to the USG. My understanding is that charitable contributions are one of the few types of contracts that are enforceable without a consideration. Whether that would be sufficient to make this a “work of the united states government” and therefore unqualified for copyright protection is beyond me.

Don’t they want people to continue paying attention to Bob Hope’s performances? This seems counter productive. It’s not like he’s gonna have any new performances, he’s a little dead for that. Are they trying to make him obscure so no one seeks him out anymore?


Bob Hope worked hard for the troops, and he should be thanked, but the government also did a lot for Bob Hope Enterprises to make this all possible. It seems cheap to deny this noncommercial viewing of something that is part of the historical record.

It is definitely pro-fox still. They can do an automatic strike on your account, and if you counter-notify, you get about 120 characters to state your case. You don’t know who you’re talking to. They never give you a good reason as to what it is you’ve purportedly done. You never really get an answer if/when it gets resolved.

To be fair to YouTube, they’ve been really good when it goes totally off-kilter, and I’ve always been able to find somebody to help me out and get the things resolved. But, it is still a very frustrating process.

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