Boeing Boeing


important detail;

The plea deal covered only wrongdoing by Boeing before the crashes; it did not give the company immunity for other incidents

but also;

The deal also does not cover any current or former Boeing officials, only the corporation

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Boeing’s Starliner set for extended stay at the ISS as engineers on Earth try to recreate thruster issues

Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft is set to spend a little longer attached to the International Space Station (ISS) as engineers on the ground work to recreate the oddities seen in orbit.

During a briefing on July 10, mission managers admitted that engineers had not been able to recreate the conditions that caused problems for the vehicle’s Reaction Control System (RCS) thrusters during docking.


Although managers have become comfortable with going beyond the initial 45-day limit set by the lifetime of batteries onboard Starliner, describing them as healthy and showing no sign of performance anomalies, getting the spacecraft away by the end of July is important to avoid a potential conflict with a Crew Dragon handover in August.