Boeing's new spacesuit is far out


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Jesus that’s a huge goddamn leap ahead from the current models in use.

This is some 2001 level shit.


“It’s so futuristic it reminds me of the technology we were supposed to have 16 years ago!” -Our human spaceflight situation in a nutshell.

For clarification, this is one of the suits astronauts wear in case of depressurization and not an EVA suit, right?


Looks like a souped up White’s Fusion dry suit.


I assumed it was EVA gear since they compared the weight to that equipment. May have misread that.


Got that right.


I’d expect it to be an indoors-only suit.

EVA “suits” aren’t really clothing; they’re better thought of as very small spacecraft.


Even more bad ass with dark shade helmet


What is the main difference if both need to protect the wearer from vacuum? Is it mostly just about where the life support system goes, or additional radiation shielding?


Thrust-based mobility, micrometeorite protection, insulation against extreme temperatures and massive redundancy.


Irreverence is my default. Especially when it concerns a corporation who meets its shareholder expectations through arms deals.

The space suit was anticipated closely by Mattel in 1970:

As for the spacecraft launch, who would not make the immediate leap of imagination…


Major Matt Mason?


That one’s not a standard feature though, is it? I thought most EVAs were tethered.


This suit is more like the lightweight suits which were used by the entire shuttle crew during launch and re-entry. It isn’t intended to be used for EVA, and with more air pressure inside than outside it is probably not very mobile. Its just to keep the occupant alive for a while if pressure is lost in an emergency.


Matt Mason’s comrade, Lt Jeff Long. He joined along with Sgt Storm, making two of the three other "bendy"astronauts.
There was also Doug Davis, who had a yellow suit. I always just called him “Frank Poole”, tho’.

Mason was around in '66 - before I was old enough. I don’t think the rest of the crew came in 'til the rounding of the decade…


Boeing uses the term “get-us-home” suit.


Those goddamn internal wire armatures and the shitty rubber expansion sleeves were always in a war for what would break or rot first.

Still some of my favorite toys until Micronauts came about.


Nice - even in Mass Effect blue :smiley:


Yup, optional.

EVA description starts around 14:30.


Off Topic: Arms deals help pay for space R&D no doubt. Personally, I have a bad taste in my mouth for Boeing knowing that they are selling or trying to sell products to allot of bad actors in the world right now. Sometimes I suspect that that is why John McCain as Chairman of Armed Services committee has a raging bee up his ass when it comes to Boeing. Oh, and I almost forgot Boeing was the first to start building that dumb ass wall on the US Mexico border. You can bet your ass they are going to be trying again.