Boing Boing early release of comics series to non-subscribers

Continuing the discussion from TOM THE DANCING BUG: How to Tell the Difference Between an Open-Carry Patriot and a Deranged Killer:

Hi @JaniceG

I’ve replied to your post here in the Meta sub forum. It will have a much better chance of gaining the attention of people who can respond to it in a meaningful way.

Any one of the editors can probably provide some information to you, but @beschizza would be a good place to start.


“Boing Boing consistently does not adhere to the artists’ requests in that regard.”

Funny. Tom the Dancing Bug is published here by Ruben, who is paid for his work. We’re delighted to have him at Boing Boing.


I was under the impression that Boingboing, by paying a syndication fee, “subscribed” on behalf of the people who read boingboing on that particular day.

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People PAY to view Tom the Dancing Bug early? Mind blown.



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You’ve been here a while.

Boing Boing early release of comics series to non-subscribers

Not a gun thread.

Damn. I can’t accuse you of joining boingboing just to complain about “liberal comics that aren’t funny.” You have standing. I must therefore address the merits of your case.

I suppose it appeals to the same sort of people who buy comic strips in bookstores.

[To join the inner hive, it’s $9.99 per half year.][1]

the program promises

Weekly emails containing that week’s Tom the Dancing Bug, the day before (or earlier!) it appears ANYWHERE publicly

But if you can see it on Boingboing on the same day of these emails , Bolling may not be holding up his end of the deal.

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2013? That must have been when Discourse was implemented? Long time lurker, I thought I made an account to reply a while ago.

Anyway - yeah everyone has their own tastes. TTDB I have never thought to be very good. I can enjoy political and “liberal” humor, though any humor that caters to any one “side” I generally find uninteresting after a while. But there are many liberal comics I find funny. TTDB has just never clicked with me. I dunno - like he’s trying too hard? Too obvious? Eh. YMMV.

I should just skip it, but it only takes a minute out of my day, usually. Every once in a while I enjoy it. I figure it helps keep my horizons open a bit too. If you only enjoy entrainment that echos your views you become stagnant.

Anyway - if people are paying for first day privilege, which it looks like BB might be doing the same thing, then yeah - uh - I could see people getting pissy about it.

Truly? I liked Tom the Dancing Bug even before it could be identified as a political strip. I’m not saying that Bolling wasn’t political before dailyKos started carrying it, or before Salon started (and then stopped) carrying it, but it seems as if Bolling knows his audience. Anyway…super fun pack, charlie, lewis, godman, billy dare, and so on tend not to be political.

I tend to enjoy the super fun pak type more. Like the idiot time traveler.

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Actually, I consider that I’m paying to help support the comic. The early viewing is a side benefit.

Thanks - sorry if I missed that the posting was by the artist himself and I’m obviously very pleased to hear this!

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