Book Discussion - The Quarry - Chapter 3

I feel that.

That could be too. I think I distinguishing feature of Guy’s crowd is their air of intellectualism. Regardless of their roots (and I think most were of modest roots), they most went into intellectual fields: film, directing, acting, law, and whatever the fuck Grayzr does. As SmashMartian said, poncey wankers.


I made a comment in another thread about estuary english-- seems that some people like to affect it because they want to conceal the fact that they’re posh.


See also Tim Westwood and his jamockney accent. :laughing:


I don’t know if this is informative in any way, but for a long time there was a distinction between universities and polytechnics, which have been relabeled as unis only in the past 20 years or so. Unis were more liberal arts and polys were more practical, and as such they didn’t have the same prestige. So I’m thinking Rick is the sort to have gone to a poly to start his career, whereas the rest have all got the kind of degree that doesn’t usually translate directly into a career.


Polytechnics were newer, and seen as very much second tier. Now they are all universities, but they all have silly names like Nottingham Trent or Oxford Brookes, or Liverpool John Moores, and everyone still looks down on them as ‘ex-polys’. Or at least they did 20 years ago when I refused to even consider going to one :slight_smile:


they do wear it on their sleeve, don’t they?

also, forgot to say earlier, but although I like Hol overall, the way she acted toward Rick was pretty lame; she’s snobby sometimes.


they discuss this over in Chicago, do they?

Not following. Are you asking how people in Chicago know about unis and polys in Britain? I’ve got a whole list of ways I could answer that…trying to figure out how snarky I should be. :wink:

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No, i mean, I believe you; wasn’t trying to imply you were wrong. It was just funny to me that in a thread full of past and present UK citizens, it was the woman from Chicago to break it down.

guess i didn’t word it very diplomatically (∘=̴⃙̀˘︷˘=̴⃙́∘)


Well, this particular woman from Chicago used to live in the U.K. a few decades ago and was married to a British citizen who graduated from a poly. :smile:

well, that certainly does explain it…


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