Book discussion thingie?

So that might be a problem… whittling down a list to even vote on. I, too, have a loooooong list of books in my backlog from which I could propose a book for vote.

I’d think that maybe we get a list together, post it, and then everyone likes only one?

Start a thread, ask for suggestions for a week(?), then have a vote on what’s suggested for another week? I wouldn’t overestimate how much interest you’ll be likely to get and come up with an overelaborate system to deal with it (ask @Donald_Petersen about that!). A consensus will probably emerge.


You’re right… I’m probably overthinking!

In retrospect, that’s one of the things I like most about this community (read: You Guys). It’s genuinely family-sized, though the readership is fairly huge. I mean, unlike Reddit, the actively participating population here is quite manageable, and of a size where you can really get to know most of the regulars. Ideal situation for what you have in mind, Mindy! I think it’s an excellent idea. I’m really looking forward to seeing what people suggest. Most of my reading has been in genre fiction, much of which probably doesn’t lend itself to too much in-depth discussion, but maybe this will motivate me to finally getting around to reading something I’ve felt I should get around to for many years now. (Infinite Jest, anyone?)

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Okay - i set up a new thread so go post suggestions there for the next… say, week?

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