Book discussion thingie?

Anyone interested in trying this out here on BB? Like we all read the same book one month, and then talk about it? I’ve seen it work in other strong online communities - TNC often hosts one on his blog, moderated by one of the members of the boards there…

Thoughts? Any interest?


I’d be up for it.

I’ve tried it before (with both books and films) and it fizzled out, people just weren’t all that good at reading other people’s suggestions - for reasons of time and/or interest - and when nobody reads your choice it doesn’t fill you with enthusiasm for then reading their choices…

Is once a month too frequent? (in the aforementioned example my first choice was a collection of David Foster Wallace short stories, and someone else chose something by Will Self - very few people managed to read all of either in the time we’d allowed).

Maybe there’d be a large enough pool of readers here that it wouldn’t matter if some people didn’t read every choice. Perhaps group voting on a series of (themed?) options?


Not sure I’d be able to contribute much in the way of serious discussion and analysis, but yeah, why not. If nothing else, It’d be good to see other’s takes on the same text.

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I just looked up The Verge’s book club, because I know they did one for a while.

Looks like it died a while back.

Anyway, I just got a notification that Murakami’s new book arrived at the library for me, so that’s what I’ll be reading next :smile:

I just finished Gravity’s Rainbow after months of on and off reading - so please, nobody suggest any Pynchon. :smile:

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…looks up from the latest Matthew Reilly potboiler…

No danger of that from me.

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I’ve read and enjoyed Pynchon, but I can’t get away with Gravity’s Rainbow. Every time I start it, I’ll get bored of bananas, and go and read something with a great fuck-off spaceship on the cover. I’ve just finished this, which I enjoyed enormously:

Nice to see some interest!

I think it might be… we could do something quarterly maybe? We could also break a book up into chunks, if it’s particularly long.

That’s what I was thinking… people post their choices, we vote, and then which ever book gets the most votes we read.

I would personally be interested in both fiction and non-fiction.

this would make me more interested. Monthly would seem more like an obligation, personally.

if y’all vote in any Murakami, I’m gonna have to bow out that season, though. The Wind Up Bird Chronicle satisfied my curiosity about him. for life.

I haven’t read any Pynchon nor DF Wallace, this might be good motivation for me, assuming there’s enough interest to vote them in. The Russian novelists are another gap in my knowledge. But nothing wrong with genre or pulp or what have you. alternating might be healthy.

I like quarterly too. It takes a good couple of weeks to get a dead-tree version of any given book for me, so quarterly would make me feel less like I’m playing catch-up.

Same same. I’ll give anything a shot, though. :smiley:

Two epic raketemensch serials in 2014?

Amen to that

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I have done a little book discussion stuff and think maybe short stories might be a better thought - more bite sized.


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great idea. I’d be down for this.

I’ll give it a go. How does one win?


Well, there seems to be plenty of interest in doing this… How do you all propose we proceed? Shall we start a new thread proposing books to read, and then come to some sort of a consensus on what we’ll read. Maybe everyone post a book (with an amazon link maybe so people can read the blurb), and the one with the most likes is what we read first?

Also, I think we should go back and forth between fiction and non-fiction. If everyone would rather start with fiction, I have no objection to starting with that.


I agree, tho it is more like this group to pick Finnegan’s Wake and then argue over the first 20 pages for 8 months.


First 20 pages! 8 months! Are you kidding, we’d thrash it out over the first paragraph for a year!


Unknown, but the winner will get a $5 gift card to use at Hot Topic.


I was wondering if we should have a theme for the selection, but then we’d probably just debate what the theme should be instead :smile:

I have a few books on my to-read list, could stick one in a thread and we could set up a vote. Wouldn’t want more than 4 or 5 to vote on, though.