Born without fingerprints


Ah, congenital public menace disorder… A rare; but disturbing, condition, whose sufferers exist as though to mock the very foundations of the systems that let decent people sleep soundly and securely! Thankfully far less common; but far, far, craftier, than aggravated melanization with intent to menace.


Glad that’s not me. Who wants to have the police come over to ask questions every time there’s a crime scene without fingerprints?


For those of us that have them, it’s kind of interesting how well they will grow back. I removed over 1/8" of my left thumb print with a table saw once, and beyond some scar tissue it’s amazing how much the whorls came back.

The one thing I’m curious about but don’t know is whether it’s the same pattern. I think my fingerprints are on file somewhere in Brazil (if they keep them from the '80s)…

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It’s like the genetic equivalent of having the licence plate 1I1-III1

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Bet the iPhone 5s does NOT impress this crowd. Then again, the damn fingerprint scanner on mine hates my prints and is such a PITA I turned the feature off. Was primarily an issue in the AM, maybe due to dehydration in guessing?

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Strictly speaking nobody is born with fingerprints; we are born with friction ridges which are capable of making fingerprints.


now if they just pull all their teeth and don’t have their dna on file…

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One of the advantage of superpowers, is that nobody knows who the person having them is or in this case, that the superpower exists.

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Whats more disturbing: Having no fingerprints or that US customs takes your fingerprints upon entering the US?


When I spent a year washing up I lost most of my fingerprints to a combination of spending most of the day with them immersed in hot soapy water, and occasional burns.
It took about six months for them to start coming back, during the whole time my fingers wouldn’t wrinkle, no matter how long they were immersed in water.

We need to have them all arrested now, before it’s too late. This has additional advantage in that we can control the reproduction of such anomalies and thereby breed it out of humanity within a couple of generations. Problem solved!

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