Boston, Chicago and Waterloo, I'm heading your way!

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Ugh… I’ve got gears that have to be made this week… or I’d try to get there. (I work in Chicago)

I fully acknowledge that general purpose computing is under threat… but there’s also another aspect to this you probably haven’t heard of… here it is, in summary

Linux, Windows, MacOS, all of them, operate on the assumption that application code can be trusted to do what it says on the tin. This is an insane assumption, and leads to most of the grief we currently have with computing.

There are systems which don’t do this, called Capability Based Systems… sadly, even the government seems to have forgotten about them… GNU Hurd is probably the most famous vaporware version, but there’s some hope, in that the project out of Germany seems to be approaching something we can actually use.

In such a system, you never trust applications, but they can run much like our existing systems from the users perspective.

I’ve been leaving comments out in the world for years trying to raise awareness… thank you for reading this.



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