Boston Marathon bomber’s death sentence overturned

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“Dzhokhar will spend his remaining days locked up in prison, with the only matter remaining being whether he will die by execution,”


I’m sure that Attorney General “Fat Barrbie” can find a way to screw this up. He’s had a 100% success rate so far.


This pleases me. Death sentences are downright barbaric.
Life in jail seems fine for this gentleman.


Good. Fuck that guy, but also fuck the death penalty.


Misleading headline misleads.
“Boston bomber death sentence being revisited” perhaps to be less ambiguous/wrong?


if the government wishes to put someone to death, it must make its case to a fairly selected jury that is provided all relevant information.

If the convicted suspect wishes to not be put to death, it must make its case that it did not commit such a heinous act in the first place.

So, fuck fair trials then, right?


My view of death penaltie’s is the same for people and governments alike. If you have to kill someone to stop them from doing something as horrible as what this guy did then I will shed no tears. If you have them in custody and they are not an imediate threat then death is nothing more than revenge and should not be done personally, much less collectively.


Well hey, the possibility of a death sentence sure dissuaded them in the first place…

I’m not sure I understand the logic here.

The judges apparently agreed that the jury was inadequately selected and/or informed to deliver a death sentence; but nobody(even his attorney) seems unduly fussed about the ability of that same jury to deliver a verdict of ADX Florence forever.

Am I just misjudging the degree to which people perceive the death penalty as being profoundly different than life imprisonment? Are people also deeply displeased by the quality of the jury in that context but know that their odds of getting a favorable reevaluation are lousy so are being diplomatic and focusing on the areas that seem most likely to budge?

It just seems bizarre that you could acknowledge that the process was flawed enough that its output needs to be discarded without automatically triggering a more thorough reevaluation of the trial and sentencing, rather than just knocking the penalty down one level. Are juries that are impartial for guilt/innocence declarations and prison sentences of any length; but too tainted for capital work, really a thing?

Even many supporters of the death penalty can only rationalize deliberately killing a human being by dehumanizing that person as an “it”.


Well, the one fundamental difference between the death sentence and life in prison is that if some evidence comes forward exonerating you, it’s a bit easier to remediate the situation if the person is still alive?


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