Brad Pitt tells all, Prince Charles divorces, and JonBenet Ramsey’s murder solved, in this week’s fact-challenged tabloids


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“They multitask!” exclaims Us mag, above a photo of actress Liv Tyler with one ear to her mobile phone while she sips a beverage from her glass. Mad skills.



Why is BoingBoing posting anything about tabloids? Aren’t there more interesting topics to post?


I want some investigations of the lizard people!


I dunno’, I like it OK.
I read it once or maybe twice a month.
Donny Big-Bucket thinks that it is not-fake news.

So, um, is there a reason not to?
It’s not like something else is being displaced.

There are people that I know who think of reading US as reading.

I used to read the WWN weekly, when I could get it for free in my girl-friends laundry room.
But that was a different thing in a different time.


It opens a window into the world of Trump voters and their ‘reality’.


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