Brain Rot: Hip Hop Family Tree, Pre Run-D.M.C. Demo Sessions




goddamn, i love that russell simmons characterization. it literally brings tears to my eyes.


Now I’m waiting with bated breath for the appearance of Aerosmith in this comic.


Is there any point where he, um, transitions to less of a trainwreck?


He’s gonna become an enlightened Buddhist once he becomes a mogul. And once he gets off the dust.


Aw, Ed! Now you’re just trolling us with those Simmons portraits. We’re rapidly heading for Basil Wolverton territory here.


I think the way EP styles Simmons is funny; I don’t have any problems with it. But Krush Groove came on TV recently and I was clocking all the scenes with him in it. I detected neither a wall-eye nor a lisp more pronounced than what he has currently. As of last week when he was on the new Arsenio show, he still has a bit of a lisp, but the wall-eye thing is nothing I’ve ever noticed IRL.


Some reference comparisons


And this is a bad thing why?

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