Brain Rot: Hip Hop Family Tree, Run-DMC's First Performance


Background for final frame:


My copy should be here Thursday!

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huh. the email they sent me says mine’s still several weeks off ( ._.)

I got that e-mail, then another a few days ago saying the ship date had moved back up and then it left yesterday and is in a truck right now.

I’d love to see a video of them in their plaid sport coat phase–kind of like the hip-hop version of Y Kant Tori Read.


I remember a kid showing up to gym class back then with no laces on his shell-toe Addidas. The coach was perplexed when the kid lost his shoes doing sprints: “Why doesn’t he have laces on his shoes?”


The real question should have been “Why aren’t his Adidas on his feet?”

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My copy turned up a couple of days ago, in the UK.

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Ed has you covered:
Hip Hop Family Tree is about unearthing skeletons in the closet.


I would totally buy a car from those fellows.

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