Bruce Sterling at Maker Faire Rome: Desirable, Buildable, Profitable


admit i tldr’d all but the fuzzy venn diagram - mindswapped “desirable” to “broadly socially acceptable” for somewhat clearer results

I live quite happily in the “buildable” and “buildable plus profitable” portions of that diagram. I’ve found that even if only one person in a million likes your high-priced niche product, it’s enough. Also, if I want to build something unusual just for fun, it brings joy to me and to some of the people who get to see it.

Too bad he left out the most interesting category of all - the negative trifecta. What would be costly, ugly, and impossible?

An An improvised explosive device (IED) is profitable? How? To the people selling it? Next billionaire could be an IED manufacturer…

Worked out OK for Alfred “Merchant of Death” Nobel.

If I remember right, I’ve seen that IED pic before. The 1 Missed Call was the one that would have triggered the IED, but didn’t for some reason.

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