Bruce Sterling on dieselpunk, alternate history, fascism and the current political moment

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they starved to death

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Got a citation for that?


Journal of Smartass Studies, 1968 collected edition, Volume XXIV, P 42, Shracter & Simmons.


You would have thought that people would have learned to leave the anarcho-syndicalist farms alone after the Spanish civil war.

The anarchist farms were actually more efficient than when they were run by capitalists. It turns out that alienated labour is inefficient. :astonished:

Things fell apart when the Stalinists announced that they were taking over the farms, and even after they realised they had fucked up and gave the farms some autonomy back, that earlier level of efficiency was never regained. Then Franco won the war and made anarcho-syndicalism illegal.


It was the most dystopic ending I could think of…

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