Brutalist websites


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I’m pretty sure The Drudge Report looks 20 years old because they haven’t updated the design for 20 years.


Yet another reason I’m so sad about TimeCube’s passing…


oh god i didn’t know. rip


Yeah. We didn’t see you at the memorial service.



What distinguishes brutalist from minimalist from just plain old?


I see it more as functionalist. As a programmer, when I’m doing projects for myself I tend to focus on the technical aspects of whatever I’m working on and as soon as I’m done I move on to the next project and I don’t bother with making it look good or making it easy to use.


I didn’t see either of you there, but I assumed it was because you were at one of the other 3 CORNER SIMULTANEOUS memorial services.


You know, the ASCII version of this site might become my preferred version, if only it used a legible font (or at any rate, one that wasn’t quite so painful to read).


At the same time the fight between the Time Sphere people and khepra about Time Pyramid at the memorial wasn’t pretty.


Using materials (forms) that expose its nature (function) without letting decoration or artifice get in the way.

A truly Brutalist website would basically be html and light CSS – plain cement! – with no javascript extension or hiding of how hypertext and the web works “out of the box.” But somehow not nostalgic or old-fashioned.


It should probably just be defined as “monospace” and let the user agent decide, right? That means Courier, for most.


Wait, who died? Time Tetrahedron, Time Octahedron, or Time Dodecahedron? Did you know the theory of Time Tetrahedron goes back to the ancient Egyptians and is at the root of the mythical Christian solar god Jesus’s association with the Sun?


They’ve pledged to get a new web designer on that just as soon as they’ve filled the position for “fact-checker.”




An excellent question. Let me say that a cube has 8 vertices dual to an octahedron, while a tetrahedron is said to have 4 vertices but when viewed from the air during the fall and spring equinoxes reveals 8 vertices. An octahedron is itself the combination of an upward pyramid and a downward pyramid, a factual blade and contrafactual chalice symbolizing the union of the divine feminine and dual masculine. And the mysteries of pyramid power are merely themselves a subset of the greater and more general pointy power, well-known to hedgehogs if not hedge wizards. I’m sorry, but I can be no more specific than that.


Yeah, I’ve had complaints about the fonts on my departmental home page.


Brutalism lays bare the structural components.
Minimalism makes them disappear.


Shouldn’t we, at least, use something 4 dimensional like the icositetrachoron for our time polytope?


There was once a time when grey was terribly fashionable.

Now people have realized that white looks nice

And a naive perusal of brutalist architecture and minimalist architecture will reveal that one is grey-- almost oppressively so, and the other is largely white and black.

But then, the Drudge report is white. The black font is harsh and there’s so much of it that the stark beauty of minimalist white is never achieved-- so maybe it’s brutal after all.