Bugs with the new BBS system

Just a follow up, we have this fixed, keep in mind though, new users, by-design, do not get promoted to the main site.

You can tell if an account is a “new user” by the grey username:

I did some work today to improve Firefox, in fact, I am using Firefox now to access the BBS.

Let me know if it feels better, we will continue to improve performance in the near future.


Am I nuts or is the reply# next to the comment icon on the post not updating consistently?

e.g. on this post it shows “4” next to the comment icon, and when I click in there are 4 comments.

But on this post there’s no # next to the comment icon, and when I click in I see 1 comment.

And we shall know the n00bs by the color of thier names.

Good to know. Should make weeding out sock puppets and astroturf that much easier for the mods.



huh, pasting that url puts the whole post (text, pics) in my post. I must linkamafy a url or the content becomes visible? or is that just with BB posts? annoying.

OK, that doesn’t work, either. well, I’m trying to direct you to the page where there’s an active disqus comment thread (and no discourse thread) but discourse won’t let me do that, it just assumes that I want the BB content in my post, it won’t show the url, it won’t show the link i made for the url, and it doesn’t show the comments that were the the whole reason for making what I thought was going to be a simple one-word post with a link. unhappy.

edit: OK, it did it, but I couldn’t see it. could really do without the whole post showing up, though. pretty frustrated over here.

I moved 4 posts to a new topic: It looks like a threaded view, but it ain’t

I moved 9 posts to a new topic: Why is the “In reply to” indicator suppressed sometimes?

Referring to the missing BB posts, sorting out this mess is my top priority. We have all sorts of validations and Discourse to ensure certain topics are not allowed, for example:

Title: ;
Body: Semicolon is awesome

A title called ; makes no sense in the context of a forum, it is clearly abuse, however, for the sake of parity with the main BB site we should allow it here for posts we mirror.

My plan is to bypass every bit of validation we have for the purpose of republishing, should have it sorted today. We relaxed the rules already, but until we bypass all of them we will have issues.

Regarding the oneboxing thing, be sure to check out:


You can always bypass it by placing a link inline, eg: http://meta.discourse.org/t/what-is-a-onebox/4546

Can you move the Flag box away from the Edit one? I keep flagging my own comments when editing them on mobile and the ‘are you sure?’ box doesn’t display properly so I can’t cancel it.

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What’s the story with banana-coloured responses?

I see a few always-banana responses (only from mods?), but I quite often see particular other responses flash to banana and then instantly back to white (and it’s not a function of hovering).

When you visit a post via deep link, we highlight the target post in yellow briefly so you know where you “landed”. Then it fades back to standard white.

We also do this on topic lists when returning so you can see where you were.

Okay, cool, but if that’s the case it’s - IMO - too brief.

I’m forever saying “did I really see that?”

Just sayin’.

So you want, like, the dubstep edition? :smile:


Welcome to my world. I’ve been accidentally deleting people for years when I meant to do something else.


Looks like there is an infinite redirect problem with this url:

I got to that url by doing the following:

  1. Clicked login
  2. Tried to login with Google
  3. Realized I was logged in on the wrong account, hit cancel on the permissions page for BBS
  4. Redirected to the bbs link that is a bad url

We’re seeing a problem with the Mozilla Persona servers so we have disabled Persona login until that is resolved.

When new posts are added to the pinned topics, there’s no blue bubble as there is next to unpinned topics. Bug or feature?

I get blue bubbles for the pinned topics.

You’ll only get blue bubbles for new posts in the topic if you are tracking the topic. See your user preferences for the default behaviors there, or you can manually track the topic via the controls at the bottom of a topic.

I just fixed (and deployed) the issue where the “this post was closed” message in the stream kept on showing up as unread.

If you read a topic all the way to the end, when we automatically close the topic we no longer notify you, cause clearly you don’t care.

However, there are other conditions where a status in inserted into a stream like pinning a topic. Pinning adds a regular message to the topic informing all the tracking users that the topic was pinned. In general pinning is pretty rare, so its not something that should get in your way too much.

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