HOW TO do this and that in BBS

Fellow happy mutants,

I’d like to start a thread for passing along handy tips etc. on using bbs, especially when it comes to editing posts.
At the moment, I have two questions:

  1. How do I reply to two or three posts simultaniously? (Is that even supported?)

  2. How do I ‘strike out’ text?

Okay, nothing one couldn’t find out oneself, but I guess there are lots of users here woho already know (“Duh, how can he not know that…”) and can share their knowledge.

EDIT: typo.
Which reminds me: when I use Opera for bbs I get spellchecking, when I use Firefox I don’t.


I hate BBS code in part because it’s so limiting. Is there a way to make subscripts or small script? I also would like to know how to escape control characters without changing to a fixed width font.

EDIT: I don’t mean to come off as someone with nothing but complaints, btw. Of course one problem is it can be really hard to predict how your users are going to want to use your system. So I acknowledge that it’s not easy setting up a comments system, and I’m not ungrateful for it. That being said, HTML worked for my father, and his father before him!

You say that, and yet, you did not try the standard HTML markup for subscript or small text?

As for escaping control characters, this is standard Markdown, so the same way you escape characters in Markdown. Or HTML, if using HTML.


<s>word</s> => word

I think if you quote-reply multiple posts then you will show up as a “reply” to all of them.

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Huh… I just took it for granted that HTML wouldn’t work.


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Thanks, I’ll try that!

not exactly, but I rigged it. I really could use this feature, too. if you quote-reply a second person, the second quote will replace the first one in the preview box. I got it to work in this here post by quote-replying fireshadow, ctrl A selecting all, then quote-replying Raybert, then pasting in fireshadow’s bit that had disappeared.

usually I just use @username for multiple replies and type in any context if needed

EDIT: oh, and @Raybert, I’m firefox and I get spellcheck ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ /¯

In my experience (on Firefox), once you have a reply open, quote-reply will append the quote to that existing message. Example:

Of course you can also do it manually by inserting the quote markdown syntax; I’ve done that occasionally (though mostly when quoting from other contexts).


Well look at that. I’ve always done the multiple quotes manually, but no more. Thanks!

Unicode works too. Superscripts U+00B0…U+00B9 ¹²³ subscripts U+2080…U+2089 ₁₂₃

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Re spellcheck: I guess I’ll play with the settings a bit.

these are lifted from an @codinghorror comment elsewhere on the site (I think), I’ve not read through them yet but was collecting useful reference material. Guess here is a good place to leave it.


…check out the wikipedia page and for some reason I have this page bookmarked for further investigation:

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(The late quote gets appended to the end of the message, rather than where your cursor was last pointing in the edit box. Of course one can cut-and-paste it to where you wanted, and this might be a safer default, but it isn’t what I sorta expected.)

I think I was able to reproduce what you are talking about. Try this instead:

  • Select the text you want to quote and click the quote-reply button.
  • Hit enter or type some text.
  • Select the next bit of text you want to quote and click the quote-reply button.

As @technogeekagain said, the quote gets placed at the end of the message and not where the cursor is placed.

This post should show up as replies to the two quoted posts when viewing those posts, but this post will just say “in reply to noahdjango” since that is the first one I replied to.

Edit: Apparently the upper left-hand corner of this post does not show “in reply to ___” at all. *shrug*

Question: What does “add edit reason” do? Who sees it?

Simply highlight the text you wish to quote, then click the “Quote Reply” button that appears. Repeat as many times as you need… hundreds if necessary.

That only appears for replies that a) reply to a single post and b) did not quote any of the post in their reply.

If you have a quote in your post, you can just expand that quote in the normal way by tapping or clicking on the top of the quote, there is no need for a special button to bring in the context of the earlier post.

(Try it: click where it says “fireshadow said” above, or “raybert said”, anywhere in that quote expansion bar. We try to highlight the context in yellow when expanding, but bold/bullet/etc formatting often messes us up. We need to improve that…)

except that doesn’t work…

Oh, OK, it’s not that hard after all. Jeff, the confusing thing is, if you don’t hit enter or type something between the quote-replies, the first quote-reply disappears. Or at least, on my rig it does. So, a simple solution, but if you don’t know to do it, you’ll think it isn’t possible like @Raybert and I did.

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Yup. That’s why I used to do it manually. Who would know, without being told?

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Ooo, you’re right. That’s a bug. Doing quote reply over and over should not overwrite the first one. @neil will look into fixing that ASAP.


Yeah I totally broke that. Canadian Sorry… :blush: