Bugs with the new BBS system

What’s the story with banana-coloured responses?

I see a few always-banana responses (only from mods?), but I quite often see particular other responses flash to banana and then instantly back to white (and it’s not a function of hovering).

When you visit a post via deep link, we highlight the target post in yellow briefly so you know where you “landed”. Then it fades back to standard white.

We also do this on topic lists when returning so you can see where you were.

Okay, cool, but if that’s the case it’s - IMO - too brief.

I’m forever saying “did I really see that?”

Just sayin’.

So you want, like, the dubstep edition? :smile:


Welcome to my world. I’ve been accidentally deleting people for years when I meant to do something else.


Looks like there is an infinite redirect problem with this url:

I got to that url by doing the following:

  1. Clicked login
  2. Tried to login with Google
  3. Realized I was logged in on the wrong account, hit cancel on the permissions page for BBS
  4. Redirected to the bbs link that is a bad url

We’re seeing a problem with the Mozilla Persona servers so we have disabled Persona login until that is resolved.

When new posts are added to the pinned topics, there’s no blue bubble as there is next to unpinned topics. Bug or feature?

I get blue bubbles for the pinned topics.

You’ll only get blue bubbles for new posts in the topic if you are tracking the topic. See your user preferences for the default behaviors there, or you can manually track the topic via the controls at the bottom of a topic.

I just fixed (and deployed) the issue where the “this post was closed” message in the stream kept on showing up as unread.

If you read a topic all the way to the end, when we automatically close the topic we no longer notify you, cause clearly you don’t care.

However, there are other conditions where a status in inserted into a stream like pinning a topic. Pinning adds a regular message to the topic informing all the tracking users that the topic was pinned. In general pinning is pretty rare, so its not something that should get in your way too much.

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Then are the blue new topic bubbles supposed to disappear if you come back to the page after declining to read the topic, or do they only disappear when you actually read the topic?

Either way, it feels like the new topic and new reply bubbles should be different colors, because they serve different purposes. And yes, there’s a shape difference, but as small as the bubbles are a color difference would help separate them out.

Yes, if you are tracking the topic, the only way to clear the blue new post indicators is to read the posts, or use the control at the bottom of the topic to stop tracking the topic (set it to regular or mute).

Ironically, we originally did have the new topic indicator as a different colored “new asterisk sparkle” in the alpha, but then got feedback that the new topic indicator was confusing because it did not share a color scheme with the new posts indicator… :cry: so we changed it to match.

I could go either way on this myself, sometimes I feel the new topic indicator is visually too strong when it shares a color scheme with the new posts indicator.

I actually meant the new topic asterixes, not the new reply numbers.

For instance, when I load the BBS in the morning I see that the Boingers have posted a handful of times overnight and the new topics that have been created each have a blue asterix. I’m not particularly interested in any of the topics so I decide not to read any of them. When I come back to look in the evening those topics still have a blue asterix, and so do the couple dozen topics that have been added since the morning.

My expectation is that once I have seen that a topic exists, it should not be marked as new on subsequent visits to the BBS. I can see how the “If you haven’t seen it, it’s new to you!” approach applies here, but it’s not at all how I expect that kind of notification to work.

You can change the definition of new for your account in your user preferences. One of the many options is “since I last visited”.

Aha, so it does! I’d still suggest that should be the default behavior, however.

That’s not a snowflake?

I thought that was a weird Discourse design decision, but I just checked Chrome now and middle clicking links there open a new tab as expected.

Even if you allow the pop-up it ends up opening in a new restored window rather than a new tab. Right clicking and selecting “Open in new tab” works, but I shouldn’t have to do that.

Firefox is, in fact, the only browser that behaves in this way – try in IE, Chrome, Opera, Safari… none of the others have this peculiar middle click behavior. We have never been able to figure out why.

I’m not having a problem with it in FF in other versions of Windows. 7 is the Jan Brady of the Windows family.