Bullying and terrorism

The sheriff said this today…

“There is nothing that he could have faced that would warrant senseless, absolutely brutal violence on other kids,” the sheriff said.

I’m not so sure I agree with that. Bullying a child day after day can cause a kid to believe they have no other choice especially if the school offers no help at all.

That does not appear to be the case with this kid but that sheriff needs to understand the consequences of allowing bullying to continue.

The stories about school shooters being bullied are mostly urban legend. In many cases, the school shooters were the bullies themselves. This started with the columbine kids, who were NOT outcasts or bullied.


That may be true but being bullied is not an insignificant thing that the sheriff needs to understand. A kid at the end of his rope may resort to anything at his disposal to defend himself.

If Rittenhouse can get away with self defense I would think a kid being constantly bullied would have a right to defend himself.

I understand that’s not the case here, I was just commenting on the sheriff’s remark.

There is no proven correlation between school shootings and bullying. Bullied kids are far more likely to hurt themselves or commit suicide. It’s really not an aspect that plays into school shootings and it all stems from misinformation about Columbine and how that was used by school districts to crack down on bullied kids and social outsiders even further…


I understand that’s not what happened in Oxford or Columbine for that matter. I stated my opinion about bullying in general and my opinion that the sheriff might want to better understand what kids that are bullied go through. That while bullying might not cause a kid to go on a rampage it does have very serious consequences including two that you mentioned.

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Connecting mass shootings to bullying only further stigmatizes those who regularly get bullied, as happened in the wake of Columbine. And yes, people should take bullying seriously. But connecting it to school shootings pretty much only results in further hurting bullied kids. :woman_shrugging:

But this is very far off-topic, so maybe start a new thread?


I was not linking the two and we can be done.

Absolutely. It is much easier to target those already marginalized than to go after the actual threats, who often have parental backup who share their “interesting” view of the situation.


Damn. I didn’t know about a whole lot of that. Thanks for sharing


This 1000%. The whole “your presence and existence at all is bullying me because I find it offensive that you exist” was definitely a thing then. Meanwhile a lot of actual harassment and really quiet a lot of sexual harassment and violence as well was tolerated and accepted as normal… and it definitely had a vector.

The thing I think is a lot of violently angry people also feel victimized and see themselves in these killers. Like on some level they’re supportive of spree killing because it is cathartic for them to read about it. And… well… that’s sad.


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