Busy Buddy Magic Mushroom, treat filled dog toy


I don’t think promoting drug culture, no matter how “cute,” is really a good idea for a pet that you truly love. I’ve lost loved ones to drugs and I don’t find this toy amusing in the least.

This looks like a lot more fun than a Buster Cube, because it seems like it would roll more easily, and make it more likely that dogs would figure out that it’s the rolling that makes it dispense treats. And if Pretzel can carry it bigger dogs like mine would have no trouble picking it up either.

I had a wonderful boy who loved the Buster Cube, but thought he could make it dispense treats by barking at it. He was so funny. It’s been a little over five years now. Excuse me. I have something in my eye.


I’m sorry for your loss, but this is no more about “drug culture” than it is about Super Mario Brothers.


That would be about 15 seconds of fun for an octopus.

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Don’t start that b.s. here. It’s trivializing the use of drugs. Philip Seymour Hoffman demonstrates well enough how this ultimately ends.
It’s not a game. This is about peoples’ lives.

No, it is a treat filled dog toy.


I don’t really think it’s promoting drug culture by giving this toy to your dog. Unless you put drugs in it. Or teach your dog to read.

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