But what the spleen do?


I’d managed to avoid watching the original, but I watched this and had to see if the original was as annoying. It is. I’m going to have a Gangnam Style cleanser now. Or possibly something from Die Antwoord. Maybe even Rebecca Black’s Friday.


Very, very weird. For a french like myself “spleen” is a synonym for sadness or melancholy.
something very sad. like that:


It has a history of meaning that in English too, but unlike French where I think the organ got a different name, in English the name was applied to the organ I think because at some point in history they actually thought it did have a psychological component. Now totally curious about the two etymologies.

Wish my French was better.

I think that goes back to the Theory of Humours.

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FWIW, I liked this a lot. But if you need a chaser…

…+ Bad Lip Reading!

I went with Will McAvoy singing it.

Oh god please no, enough with the bandwagon’s. Please.


Do not call up, what you can not put down. With extreme predjudice. . . . (grin)

Partyin’ partyin’ yay! Partyin’ partyin’ woah!

I don’t know the referent. I think I’m just as happy that way.

Well, if we’re going for tried-and-true memes…

Fucking spleens, how do they work?

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