Calendula is a horror game that will stop you from playing it

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What, so it’s like Bethesda games on the first day of release on purpose? Good lord.


This seems like a misstep in game design…


Seriously there’s a mind so sick as to want to gamify tech support?


We can hope it resolves move like The Last Starfighter than Ender’s Game.


“You have been recruited by the Tech Support League to defend against ID10T and the PEBCAK armada…”


So all coding errors can be trivially recast as intended. Brings new meaning to “it’s not a bug; it’s a feature!”.


First a game that doesn’t want to be written about, now one that doesn’t want to be played.

Let me be a trailblazer here and proudly announce Null, the (meta, conceptual, genius) game that doesn’t want to exist. And indeed, it doesn’t.

Indie game awards, here I come.


This looks like a really cool concept. There’s enough malicious technology out there, it’s nice to see some that’s malicious to an entertaining end.

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I feel like I might have the same problem with this game that I did with “Papers, Please.” As an immigration law paralegal, I don’t need a game so similar to what I do in real life.

Then again, the 2nd part of the trailer looks hella cool.

@telecinese, I’m currently on level 23 of Null, and it’s brilliant, but how do you escape the Void??? Driving me nuts.


But it does have a title, duh! I don’t even an idea for a game, let alone a title.

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My own game VoiD (note the cool upper/lower case mix) will be a me-too copycat product but much more profitable, similar to Threes! and 2048.


This does sound like 90% of console ports.

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The game for people who didn’t have enough fun taking their CCIE cert, where they misconfigure or break one piece of equipment in a lab and you need to find and fix it?

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Thank you. As in life, the void is inescapable. Best of luck.

Whoa there! Too far. Even I am not that edgy. Best of luck.

Sellout. I’m in it for the art. My lawyers will be in touch. Best of luck.


It’s one thing when it’s the IGF awards and winning might get funding to make something releasable. But I’m SO over “reviews” of a game that can’t be purchased and played by us plebes.

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Wait, am I crazy, or is it also an active ingredient in my baby’s diaper balm…coincidence?

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