California baby is said to be first to be born with genome fully sequenced


Gattaca! Gattaca! Gattaca!


Khan is already well known in genetics circles as a conservative blogger who publishes provocative views on genetics, race, and reproduction, most recently at the Unz Review, and has also criticized government regulation of DNA testing. Among his most frequent predictions over the last few years: sequencing of fetuses will soon become routine, like it or not. “The future is here, deal with it,” he wrote on his blog in May.

The government (NSA) now knows your child’s genetic predispositions and weaknesses, deal with it.

After all, it’s just metadata.


Could this be used to determine paternity? Currently many cases of false paternity go undetected because unless there is reason to believe the named father and the actual father are different people, a paternity test won’t be conducted. But since genomic sequencing has its own benefits, if it becomes a routine part of the delivery process, the data would already be there for easy checking. Shouldn’t the child and the named father have the right to know if the biological father is someone different?

I thought you said you could read his brain electronically?

Yes, but we’d have to get it out first.

It’s got to be prepared, diced.

And this child would be known to the ages as the Virginia Dare of this brave new world.,

Clenched fist on side of skull is best stress reaction for sure.

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