Camera recommendations for a safari?

In terms of that, if I were to go the bridge superzoom route for this, I’m waffling a bit between the cheaper FZ80 with its 60x zoom and the higher-quality FZ300 with its 24x (but higher pixel) zoom.

I have a Nikon P900 with x83 superzoom. It takes some wonderful shots. I took these on our last vacation in Mexico on a rocking skiff from 75-100 yards away. I think they came beautifully.

This one was from maybe 20 yards away, same boat but in calmer conditions.

Sorry, can’t really advise on that. Personally, I’d go for optical, not digital zoom, but I didn’t look at the specs.

Just FTR: it’s IFA time, so it might be a good time to click yourself a special offer if some shops are clearing their storage for the next model. Also, there might be some used ones around, if you want to save some bucks.
If you save some money and want to invest it in something useful: second battery pack.

ETA: I just had a look at the releases. Holy mother of fucks, Nikon has announced a 3000 mm equivalent optical zoom bridge for the P1000 model which is able to shoot raws.

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