Can animals reliably warn us of impending disasters?

There are dozens of them though; it’s more like when you (Germany) have turned the naming of institutes after Max Planck up to 10, and then where can you go from there?

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I don’t think snow avalanches work that way. They aren’t triggered by any single flake, but rather a disturbance (e.g. loud noise) that sends a shock wave which upsets the delicate balance.

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Well in Vin Diesel movies, sure.

Some ski resorts and recreation areas also try to trigger at-risk areas with explosives so that the avalanches can occur in a controlled manner with nobody on the slopes.

But I believe the majority of naturally occurring avalanches happen rather spontaneously.

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I like this story of a sea turtle with a tracker who was heading towards Tonga, but nope’d out a few days before the volcanic eruption. Check out that u-turn!


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I do a lot of work on solar farms. Grass growing too high is an actual problem, and mowing is tricky.

They’ve looked into using grazing livestock to keep the grass down, and goats were very quickly ruled out. You can’t stop them from climbing and playing on the panels, and they always break stuff.

Some breeds of sheep are pretty good with it - they don’t climb, don’t chew the cables, and they like the shade / rain shelter.


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