Video of bison running out of Yellowstone ≠ "OMG supervolcano eruption"


I know this is a stupid question, but is there any history of animals fleeing an area prior to an earthquake? Specifically, was there any noticeable mass exodus of bison or other fauna prior to the recent 4.8 magnitude earthquake?

So wait… does this mean migrating birds aren’t evidence of a coming Biblical flood? :wink:


There is tons of folklore and anecdotes about it. However studies have never shown any evidence that animals can predict geological events.

Only if they’re heading for an ocean cruise liner in pairs. Or in groups of seven if they happen to be “clean”.


Not a single buffalo was to be found on the Japanese coastline just before the Tohuku quake in 2011. Coincidence or conspiracy?


What a seemingly likeable guy. I bet he says good night to all the animals, one by one.


Highly unlikely, if only for logistical reasons. There are way too many bison, and there’s way too much ground to cover, and he’s only one guy.

But if they all came home to a pen for the night? Yeah, he totally would wish them a good night.

What a lot of the conspiracy site posts seem to be relating this to is “animals fleeing the coast hours before a big tsunami” - which I’m not sure is a thing, either.

Do fish flee coastal waters before a tsunami? :stuck_out_tongue:



That’s the one. The scary thing is I find myself saying, “Are they bullshit or not?” at least once a week in response to something.

Fortunately I can go whole years without having occasion to say “I’m eating Beetle Bailey.”

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That’s what yellin’s for.

Nah, they all head straight for the beach.

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UPDATE: The bison have heard there is such a thing as Bison Bacon Cranberry Bars; they have turned around and are retreating to the high country.


I need to pack my super-volcano bug out bag just in case North America goes all Pompeii on our asses.

To make my vision more understandable, I whipped up a quick illustration:


I saw Ted Turner speak, and he described an argument he got into with his head bison rancher. The rancher wanted to use ear tags on the herd, but Ted “wanted to get to know them on a first-name basis.”

Methinks you aren’t quite grasping the size of Yellowstone.

You’d need to be yelling loud enough to instantly kill nearby living things in order to be heard across 2,000,000 acres of land. :smile: