Rangers kill the baby bison some stupid tourists moved into their car at Yellowstone


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Yellowstone tourists put bison calf in car because they thought it was cold


In 2015, Bison seriously injured five park visitors, which makes them more dangerous by the statistics than any other animal, including predators like bear, wolves, or big cats.


Ya’ll know we kill a thousand Bison every year because there isn’t enough room in the park for them, right? Big picture and all that…


I knew the “Anti-Bison” movement had gained traction, but I never knew just how much till now.

[note sarcasm]


BoingBoing editors not paying attention to the own site.
Carry on.


At least they used a seat belt.


And like 80,000 cattle are slaughtered per day in the US alone … but still, that calf was awfully cute and it’s a shame that a healthy wild animal had to be put down because of some jackass tourists.


Actually it is due to an “anti-bison” movement. Farmers don’t want them smashing fences and ruining crops, ranchers don’t want their cattle competing for food with them, rural people in general don’t want to smash into them on the roads.

So they’ve managed to keep them from being treated like any other sort of wildlife, and they’re not allowed to roam free outside the park. And because there are more of them than the park can handle and they breed really fast, the government just kills about 20% of the herd each year to keep the population level.


Thanks. I read this while eating breaded veal from a local Chinese restaurant.


Well, there was a seat belt near the calf anyway.

Either they were in a big rush to get the calf in out of the cold, or they didn’t know how to detach their retractable seat belt before folding the seats down. (You just have to poke something in the little hole where it attaches to the seat.)


never fear, what you ate probably wasn’t actually veal.



Looked for Yogi.

Made Boo Boo.


Nope: This is a follow-up story. The first story was about the calf put in the car, aren’t people dumb, etc. This story is about how the calf from the first story was euthanized.


Won’t someone bless the beasts and the children?


Why do I expect to read about the same tourists “rescuing” a barnacle gosling from a cliffside nest next year?


It should read (Yellowstone Park Rangers Murdered Baby Bison) they fecking killed the baby because it’s mum rejected it,it could been saved but nooooo they rather murder it :rage:


I’m hoping they try rescuing a fulmar chick. They’ll learn their lesson quickly that way.


Were you going to take care of it?