Yellowstone tourists put bison calf in car because they thought it was cold


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So these guys are related to these guys right?


“We weren’t fishing without a permit, we were just trying to save those poor trout from drowning!”


Ooh, thanks for posting that! I’ve occasionally wondered what happened with those idiots, but never at a point where I was able to stop and check.


'Hey, I know! Let’s build roads into our most beautiful scenic wilderness, and make it easy for people who’ve never lived outside a city to directly interact with wildlife they’d only ever seen in a zoo…

What could possibly go wrong?’


A lot more right than wrong. Just because someone will build a better idiot doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it.


I am on board with the public access. I’m not okay with all the private automobiles. People behave differently when they’re on a bus or a train, then when they’re in their own cars. If these parks are truly public property, I don’t see any good reason for people to be bringing their big metal boxes on wheels into these places. It’s like allowing people to bring backpacks and wheelbarrows into an art gallery.


They’re very lucky that the bison cow didn’t notice the calf-napping…because that could have been a Darwin moment.


And these people vote… probably. If their GPS doesn’t drive them into a lake on the way to the polling place…

Yep. Nature has been getting along fine with out our help. They are born with FUR coats!



Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that the calf shat in their SUV.




UPDATE: The National Park Service says the bison calf was rejected by its herd and had to be euthanized.

Way to go asshats.


I wanted to make a “What did the buffalo say to his calf who was abducted by asshats?” joke, but now it’s just not funny.


I lived over the pass from Victor (which is where the bison thief resides).

  1. Victor is not a city, I think there is one stoplight, but can’t remember - maybe that was in Driggs. They have to drive an hour to get to a “city”
  2. Anyone from Victor should know this was improper (that is to say, one from Victor would not be considered a tourist in Yellowstone anymore than a resident of the Bronx would be considered a tourist at the Statue of Liberty). My guess is they were stealing the calf and made up the “too cold” thing when they got busted. Souce: my fertile imagination.


To be fair, being rejected by the heard may well be why the calf looked to be in such distress that a couple of idiots thought that it was a reasonable idea to put it in their car. And why moma didn’t attack the f**k out of these idiots. Perhaps moma was already dead.


That’s a generous assumption.


They’re still lucky idiots either way.


The article mentions yet another viral video that makes it look fun and cool to play with wildlife. Which is exactly why I hate it when BoingBoing forwards these things along.


That’s what I was thinking… TFA says that the father/son calfnappers were some of those darn furenors that the Republicans are always talking about

tourists, who were from another country