Video of bison running out of Yellowstone ≠ "OMG supervolcano eruption"

Ok, so even reduced by an order of magnitude, it’s still a big job. might could need some help.

How much did they pay you to keep the TRUTH from us!? Hear me, brothers and sisters, don’t listen to their lies! They tell us to ignore the warnings of our bison friends, all the while misdirecting us with pictures of bananas, telling us to look at them, just look at them! The reptilian-banana-octopus-hybrid overlords are coming! And, contrary to Cory’s posts, they do not bring fine cold-brewed coffee!

Unless your bug out bag has a FTL starship in it, I’m afraid that there’s not going to be any place to retreat to if Yellowstone pops it’s cork…

I visited Yellowstone a couple years ago. While driving, we got stopped at least twice by large herds of bison running down the road. Apparently they do it all the friggin time. The park rangers would just calmly tell everyone to please stay inside their cars until the herd had passed. It was just an inconvenience, like getting stopped at a railroad crossing by a slow fuzzy train.

"Bison Bacon Cranberry Bar? That sounds yummy! [ Hovers over link ] Oh, and Boing-boing would get a referral fee? Alright, let’s check it out. [ click ]

JEBUS H BESCHIZZA, $5 per bar??? [ Closes tab ]"

I can give you one personal anecdote.

One night a number of years ago, my dog would not settle down for the night. She was agitated in a way I’d never seen before. Made me mad, because I was tired and she was pacing and growling for hours like there was a mouse in the closet or something (which there wasn’t: I checked…multiple times). And then the earthquake hit. People in Chicago aren’t used to earthquakes, so it was quite surprising to the millions of humans involved. (We shouldn’t be so carefree on the subject, though, since we’re located near the New Madrid fault.)

If she ever acted like that again, I would take it very seriously.

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Thank you for that. I have no idea if or how I’d be able to distinguish it from occasional bouts of goofiness my dogs go into, although I probably would be concerned if all three were acting strangely at the same time.

I also live near the New Madrid fault. The downside is I probably wouldn’t understand what they were trying to tell me.

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I know! Really, it would be so much easier if they spoke English.

Fus Roh Dah!

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