Escaping a Supervolcano

Continuing the discussion from Video of bison running out of Yellowstone ≠ “OMG supervolcano eruption”:

Certainly a prompt departure from North America Greatly increases the survivability of the year long global winter that would occur.

Personally, I’m hopping the first longship across the narrow sea to Quarth.

Why not travel by dragon?

Dude, are you implying that my parents were related? Not cool.

Sorry, I thought the implication that you were somehow related to Dragon’s might somehow make up for that. Immunity to fire is probably sought after super-volcano survival trait on any world.

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My understanding of the situation (which could very well be incorrect) was that besides the obvious “BOOM, bye bye western USA”, there’s a good chance that the following global winter may be years long, not just one year (which would be bad enough). The articles I was reading were proposing that this would be a “catastrophic extinction event” level event.

Yeah, but wouldn’t Australia just have 2 cold years and some wildlife deaths and then get back on its feet? It wouldn’t be an ice age.

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