Is anyone else following the giant volcano in Iceland?

breezes. Potential erupting globally-super-dangerous volcano. Chirping birds. The usual

Oh, did I bury the lede that a globally-super-dangerous volcano might be getting ready to go off? Um, yeah, you might want to watch this one just in case…

And on the lighter side of potential volcanic winter, The Guardian took a unique approach in briefing their readers on the situation.

Lots of HF – that sounds pleasant.

Meh, surely can’t be much worse than last winter.

As usual(ish), when people post seismic information, I try to remember to post a link to the USGS Earthquake Map. It’s worldwide, up-to-date, and a darn useful thing to have around if you’re looking for updates on seismic activity.

So here it is. You can change the parameters at the top right. It’s set to show earthquakes within the past day of 2.5+ on the Richter.

Perhaps Gaia is just getting ready to implement a corrective action to help slow down global warming (and perhaps reduce that pesky infestation of naked apes a bit).


“Bárðarbunga” a.k.a. “The Great Sneeze”?
Could it be that Gaia has a cold with a bit of a fever?


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During the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull in 2010 there was a joke going around that Iceland’s last wish on the demise of its economy was that its ashes would be spread over Europe.


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