Astonishing drone footage of Iceland volcano

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Looks like he very nearly lost it too.


Fucking insta. Onebox not working. Link for the BBS.

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From the brief view of the video before insta does its vertical aspect shit, this is a horizontal video of which we only see the middle, what, quarter? Really fuck insta.

Found it. You’re welcome.


This is a moment where I really wish I still lived in Reykjavík. I know several people who did a weekend walk to the site. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

That said, as of today the site is off limits to the public because of excessive toxic gas emissions combined with weather that doesn’t disperse them.




One may not simply walk into Mordor, but drones (and giant eagles – dammit, Gandalf!) are another matter.


Zero Orc 30, or Black Orc Down*

Scene: exterior, Rivendel at dawn.

Gandalf, “Alright, you heroes; we’ll insert via Eagles at the Crack of Doom. Expect some heavy flack over Morannon. We’ll then rally up, and escort the Package to the mouth of the volcano. After the destruction of the Ring, we’ll regroup with the Eagles at LZ Cirith Ungol and exfil back to Gondor for medals and biscuits. Any questions?”

Frodo, “How do I get out of this Crebain Shit adventuring party?”

*A location in my D&D World :slight_smile:

Edited for added Aliens’ reference.


Valur (minus the world’s best newshound, Polly) from the Reykjavík Grapevine was at the volcano on Saturday when it was possible to get close to the active spatter cone. Amazing…

Definitely with Doctor-Faustus above - I’ve missed out on two of these approachable eruptions now by not being in Iceland at the right time. Though I did get to see the massive lava fountains at Holuhraun erupt from the air and that was - unbelievable.

It looks like the eruption at Geldingardalsgos is already waning; of the seven active vents only one is currently doing anything on the RUV livestream, and there’s almost no fountaining:

There doesn’t seem to be much eruptable magma in the feeder dike, so it will be interesting to see if the earthquake swarm resumes shortly, or if the swarm and this eruption has been enough to release the accumulated strain in this part of Reykjanes. More eruptions over the next few decades are likely, because there is a lot of accumulated stress, especially around the Krysuvík thermal zone a little to the South of the current - but we might all be dead by the time it resumes.

Still, on the upside, the lack of magma supply means eruptions in Reykjanes are usually relatively small, effusive affairs which means that they can be observed relatively safely; they’re not like the monster volcanoes lurking in the South East of Iceland which are different types of beast entirely - though I wouldn’t mind seeing one of those go up either…


Boy, That Iceland sure is cool. Hope all the good Icelanders are OK…


Pictured: an Icelander enjoying the show from a safe distance.



Yeah, that Dude, don’t smoke weed with him, he torches the joint to death.


Volcanos are so awesome!!! What a glorious planet we get to live on.
And now with drones!


It is hard to believe there were people on the ridge in that video, between the two open/erupting vents. I was surprised he got as close as he did to the larger one, given how randomly it was shooting gobbets of lava up in the air in all directions.


It is all fun and games until Yellowstone lets rip. :wink:


He has his reasons.

Hang onto your eagle
Oglaf (often NSFW)


Yesss Iceland is hella cool. Literally that: it’s COLD and HOT, often at the same time, so you can freeze on one side and get cooked on the other. Is there anything better?
Also, here’s an alternate link with more delicious webcams:

I am really grateful for that promptly-deployed camera!


There are two! This is Geldingadalir, and it’s ten minutes by car from the blue lagoon. It’s two and a half hours from Geldingadalur town which also has a volcano. Iceland may be awesome but it’s confusing.


Doesn’t hold a candle to Kilauea.


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These are Icelanders - the Viking is still strong in them.

During the 2010 Fimmvörðuháls eruption, which was very similar to this, locals were roasting lobster on the recently solidified lava even as more of it roared into the sky just a few metres away.

And during the 2000 eruption of Hekla, thousands of people bought beer, got the kids out of bed and piled into their cars -they caused traffic jams going TOWARDS the volcano!


Feed seemed to cut out over the splatter cone,wondering if drone did not survive ?