Live webcams are tracking the Fagradalsfjall volcano in Iceland, which might erupt soon

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Oh no, a dangerous volcano! Quick, send Tom Scott, that will quiet the volcano.


Gylfi’s Just Icelandic yootyoob channel is wonderful. Pertinent info, intelligent speculation, never are the two confused, drily witty, with splendid, spectacular drone footage he creates himself.


This is so 2010, I really don’t know what they are thinking. Too similar to be an interesting reboot, way to soon to milk any retro appeal or, dare I say it, nostalgia. Well, maybe it’s the writer’s strike? I don’t know.
At least they picked one that’s easier to pronounce this time, so we have that going for us, which is nice.


The eruption has just begun north of Fagradalsfjall close to the mountain Keilir next to a hill called Litli-Hrutur.

The camera doesn’t have a good viewpoint of the fissure which is reported to be about 200m long. Activity is pretty gentle right now with lava bubbling to the surface and a lava flow is forming:

Facebook has some photos.

The area is not closed to visitors, although the Icelandic authorities are warning people that they should not approach the site - there are continued rockfalls caused by earthquakes, fissures can open unexpectedly and at many metres per second, and there is a risk of poisonous or choking gas. Also - this is a really remote part of Reykjanes - there are no easy roads to the site and it is a pretty rough hike.


Urgent News - The Volcanic Eruption in Iceland just started - YouTube

Jul 10, 2023 ICELAND

The eruption just started and as i’m writing this, it’s a jeep waiting outside for me and i will report more on this soon, but not miss the chance to see this happen live, this is the best webcam view now:

RUV Webcam#1 Recommended. • Reykjanes - Norður

RUV Webcam#2 • Reykjanes Suður

MBL Webcam: • Geldingadalir, Ic…

Webcam from Reykjavík (wide) • Views from Perlan…

Webcam on Fagradalsfjall: • Langihryggur - Li…

3D Earthquake View (new)

Live earthquake view#1

Live earthquake view#2


Just a follow up for anyone in Iceland thinking of going to the volcano.

The police ARE blocking traffic to the area until an assessment has been done and the situation stabilises somewhat.


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