Torrents of lava will gush across the Western United States, and other tabloid stunners


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Just after the Democratic National Convention and Republican National Convention then.


It’s gonna be a long, hot summer.


Dude! Why did you have to harsh my summer vacation?!?


Shouldn’t your last summer vacation before nuclear winter sets in be the best summer vacation evar?


I dunno, sounds like the perfect time to leave the continent.


man… i miss weekliy world news, full of Batboy, Sasquatches and bleeding weeping Madonna statues.
Even though it’s now internet formatted… i liked the basic black and white print. LOL


Well the Western US will be pretty screwed when Yellowstone blows. Rainier will be pretty catastrophic for Washington state and parts of Oregon too.


I am disappoint. No mention of the International Gangster Communist Computer God or the Aluminum Supersonic Nazi Hell Creatures From The Centre Of The Hollow Earth? These tabloid johnnies need to smarten their ideas up a bit!


A few months ago I saw a National Enquirer that read "HILARY CLINTON DYING"
With a comically pale picture of Hilary attached. Anyway I Lol’d.


…This naturally unleashes “flooding and mudslides” that rupture the San Andreas fault and ignite volcanos at Mount St Helens and Yellowstone Park, igniting a “lake of fire” across Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.

That’s not Armegeddon, it’s just fracking.


Technically true. Choice metal lyrical quotes:

“Every breath takes me one next to my last” - Dream Theater, Pull me under
"You’ve been dying since the day you were born" - Metallica, Four horsemen


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