How Pessimistic Are You Feeling?


Question is exactly as the topic goes. How dark is it going to be before the dawn, in your own opinions?


About anything special or just in general?

Oh, and there isn’t going to be a dawn. There never is. It’s just another lie. All we can do is smile in the dark. :slight_smile:



I hear at ground zero, there’s some irradiated concrete that glows blue when it’s wet. Maybe we can live there.


Cool. Sounds like better digs than I got at the moment. Wanna split the rent?


Hey, if we’re lucky the neutron radiation will kill us before it’s due.


Regarding the Short Fingered Vulgarian and the symptom of the disease of fascism in the US.

Personally, I am expecting this to be the end of the US. There will be roundups, there will be mass graves, there will be ethnic cleansing, there will be bombing strikes, including nuclear, on our own cities, and there will be sucessor states after the dust settles, and that the history books will read United States of America, 1776-2016.

That’show pessimistic I am feeling.

So I’m wondering how pessimistic others are feeling.


Hmm. OK.
If anything, I’m less so than a year ago. But my level of pessimism is based around a day-to-day sorta thing, so there’s that.

But still, I see a clearly definable threat and one that action can be taken against. I see people banding together, crossing the sort of bullshit social divides and standing against that threat. There’s resolve, heart and the willingness to fight all around. Compassion is now a revolutionary act, and people are wearing theirs proudly, and as an act of defiance. Lines have been drawn to divide, and people who would ordinarily keep silent are speaking up against this. And it’s coming from the craziest places, too. Like, all over. And even the smallest act of rebellion is one more of us.

That’s a smile in the dark, alright. There might not be a dawn, but we can at least start a fire.


The dark night gave me black eyes,
But I use them to seek the light.


The world is catching up to and surpassing my pessimism


I don’t think there will be round ups or camps or ethnic cleansing… I think they’ll try… but I honestly think it’ll come to war before that the US will break into pieces… at least two, maybe more.


The pervasive and entrenched money worship of U.S. culture may yet save us from that outcome. There’s a reason ‘in God we trust’ is printed on our currency. The capital ‘G’ is merely an appeasement to the evangelical set.

Trump clearly desires power and I have little doubt he’d gladly let heads roll to get more of it. For many Republicans however, I suspect that power is merely a means to financial gain. The moment Trump’s efforts to claim more power prove obstructive or destructive to those gains, that’s when you’ll see dissent.

That the Gordon Geckos of this country may yet prove to be its dark saviors from the most disastrous outcomes just illustrates how totally fucked up people like Trump and Bannon really are and the bewildering political landscape we’re now living in.




It is dark now, but the dawn will come.



But I’m kind of hopeful that the Republic of Cascadia will be nice.


I believe things will get dumber, more racist, more misognystic, more violent, more brutal before they get better.

I also believe that people will, mostly, be willing to call the fascists and the greedy on their bullshit instead of taking it lying down.

So I’m kind of, glass is half full but it’s a bitter brew.


I think Trump is the inoculation of a small amount of the disease which makes the body more willing and able to fight the actual disease. If he were competent and power-hungry, I’d worry more, but he’s more incompetent and attention-hungry. I think that after he’s gone, the USA will realize we should never again give anyone this much power. To support this hope, I note that his approval ratings are in the tank.


I don’t think it will be as bad you do @bibliophile20 but probably close.
Having given a wink and a nod to the hateful parts of the nation is gonna make them try hard.
Will it come to open civil war? I really don’t know but I think it may come close. I do know I discussed just punting and going north last week with my mom (who was an army brat and remembers her time in early postwar Germany) and she was totes fine with that idea. If I didn’t have a kid getting close to draft age or green card holding spouse I would feel better about sticking about and fighting in some way.


Well, the worst that I could see coming on our soil is what happened during the great depression, which was a mass deportation of anyone sufficiently Mexican-y (including about a million US Citizens).

While bad enough, I don’t think the Prez is rabid enough for a Hitler-Style Final Solution.

But, who knows? If he starts rounding up Muslims in internment camps with no stated intent to deport…


I’m heavily pessimistic, and I’m not even American. It’s really scary to see the ‘it wouldn’t happen here’ coming out so strongly. And the ‘incompetent Drumpf’ argument is a bit weak, considering who’s he’s ‘accidentally’ or on purpose putting into power.
It’s all pretty damn frightening to watch.