Can anyone give me some context for this gif?

John Barrowman and Prince Harry, high five/ass slapping?

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It dates back to at least 2014.

One fan asked about a GIF that circulated of John Barrowman passing Prince Harry, with the two slapping each other on the butt. “That was probably a fake picture,” the actor replied, “because as much as I would love to smack his ass, that ginger carrot top beautiful man that he is, there ain’t no way my hand is getting near his butt. Even though his grandmother is a queen, she ain’t going to let me near him.”

He added, “Whoever made that, send them my way, because I got a lot of other ideas for them.”


Well, my surprise at the concept of John Barrowman slapping Prince Harry’s arse is non-existent. That’s a sentence I never thought I’d type.


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