Can diverse character art invite you into a game genre you normally avoid?


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As an engineer, I like the Engineer. But, it didn’t make me want to play the game. It did make me want to know if she’s holding a Triac or an SCR. Maybe it’s exotic and it’s a thyristor!

Nope, still don’t want to play the game.


I can say that diverse character art is more likely to get me to look at a game/book/film because it tells me the creators of the media are more likely to actually care about their product.


so are there not any white dudes or you just didn’t show any because the post is about diversity?


I like the art. But have no interest in a multiplayer game where

Not my thang.


And? What if there weren’t any? o_O


For what it’s worth to me (Cisgendered White male) I find things like this refreshing, and it might draw me to a game I wouldn’t otherwise play, but not to a whole genre. 4X strategy for example, I am awful at, and won’t pick up even if it was literally face on the cover…well okay maybe then, just to figure out wtf.

It would be interesting to see other’s responses though. I don’t feel like I have a vested interest in playing a character that looks like myself, but I certainly have gotten the opportunity enough times that maybe the novelty is playing a female black amputee bisexual instead.



I’m a white dude, but I’ve also been playing games for many years, and over time the sameness of character art gets pretty dull. I like these portraits. Only slightly because they’re not white (though proper diversity in games should have happened a long time ago) but more because they look like something other than “grizzled cynical anti-hero-but-really-hero with biting sense of humor struggling with a Dark Past”. I am so done with that character.

There could be interesting white characters, but for whatever reasons we mostly just get Grizzled Guy With Dark Past again and again and again. (Ok, to be fair, he was interesting once, before all the “again and again” but let’s have more than that). So at this point I don’t really care what it takes to get interesting characters, I’d just like some :slight_smile:
Diversity and broader demographic identification should have also happened regardless, but if it takes one to get the other, well, two birds with one stone I guess. Bring it on.


To be clear, there’s no political snark there, just a frank interest in playing characters that don’t match with my known world.


Yeah, this is something I bring up a lot when people say that there’s no problems with current representation in gaming - I point to the parade of games with exactly that. Grizzled Guy with Dark Past. That doesn’t make Geralt bad or any one of them bad - some are bad on their own merits. But Geralt would be refreshing if he was the only one, like Elric from Moorcock’s novels was interesting and refreshing when he came out, but if he were written today would be overplayed and boring.

I like to see a broad array of characters in order to simply drive better and more varied design, not just out of some sense of social justice - the social equality can’t hurt but I think that even if you don’t care about social justice stuff you can rally behind ‘let’s have better main characters’.


I realise that matey, but framing other people’s lived experience as a “novelty” isn’t gonna go well in a lot of places. :+1:


Yes, but I must qualify this that I think that most of what passes for “diversity” to those I talk to still strikes me as awfully superficial. Most people on Earth are women, and I think that it’s natural and desirable for games to reflect that. Most people on Earth are not “white” either. But, going further still, most people on Earth are other species entirely. Diversity should go beyond simply seeing people with slightly different-looking bodies. And as I think @daneel was intimating - more diverse motivations are at least as important. There is a strong (overwhelming?) tendency in media to make people “relatable” by reducing them to the stereotypically familiar.


I dunno I guess the rule would be I get to be offended if I want because my race/gender isn’t represented.



Oh, aren’t you precious! You’d get to experience what many people experience with every game they play!


Can diverse character art invite you into a game genre you normally avoid?


A genre I normally avoid? Nope. To start with, you’d have to get me to pay enough attention to a specific game in the (say) MOBA genre to notice. You’d have to bring a lot more than just “diversity” to the table.


Someone smarter than me suggested that experiencing such things as a novelty might be considered insensitive =(


Yeah, I’m really struggling to think of a strategy game that doesn’t have a diverse cast. Sounds like more lecturing from a blogger that’s never played a video game that wasn’t on an iPad.