Can you solve the locker riddle?

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I lick the second toad, then punch Monty Hall in the gut and feed all three jelly beans to the goats.

(Am I doing it right?)


Sounds like you might be closer than my 99 doses of Benzodiazepine and an angle grinder.

I suppose I should hear the riddle before I start medicating the relatives.


Like PeeWee says,
Let me let you let me run now.

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Minor issue: What obstacle is there for the relatives to not pester you after solving the riddle?


Isn’t the solution to take part of your riches and move away from those relatives?


Better solution: The uncle just tells you the answer prior to dying so you don’t even have to know how to solve a riddle!


Best solution, he moves before he dies and takes you with him.


But wait.

The lockers had to open before the riddle could be solved. As soon as Thaddeus does his thing, everybody sees all the words.

How likely is it all 99 of the Nasties are too dim to solve the riddle? I’ll bet at least one can - it’s not that hard. If only Cutiepie can solve it, she gets all the jewels, and yes, she’s still going to be pestered forever unto the seventh generation. But if Thaddeus solves it too, he can tell the solution to the other 98.

Then everybody shares equally, and there is no pestering. So that’s the real solution.

EDIT: In fact, that’s the solution regardless of what the riddle says. So Thaddeus can solve it before he opens any lockers.

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Wait, the video answer of paired factors only works up to locker 50, right? Each locker from 51 on will get one additional open/close turn (video 1:28, “Heir #99 will change Locker #99”, etc.) So lockers 51-100 will all be open except for the perfect squares, which will be closed. Or am I missing something?

I’m still trying to figure out how this is better than simply leaving everything to you in his will?


Yeah, I didn’t get that either.

Also, the secret code asked what lockers were “touched only twice.” But the uncle assumes you’re going to be smart enough to touch only the perfect squares. So no locker should be touched twice. (I guess it would take too many words to say “…would have been touched twice if every heir did their thing.”)

I don’t understand what you mean. The factors of 51 are 1, 3, 17 and 51. So it will be touched four times, leaving it closed.

Ugh, never mind. I just had a very persistent misreading of the answer in my head. That has been resolved.

I thought the idea was whoever solved it first got all the moniez. This riddle is based on the idea that you would be smartest because your uncle used to love these riddles and taught you how to solve them blah blah blah so you’d solve it first. I made a diagram and looked for commonalities and figured it out for my self. Neat little trick.

I make my students solve the perfect square part of this riddle in my “Great Ideas in Mathematics” class. Quit making TED talks that give the answer away so easily, dammit!

You forgot to ask the toad what Monty would say if you asked the goat a question


The premise of this is flawed. If he left it to only you, the relatives will pester you. So he comes up with a convuluted way to leave it to only you, so that your relatives will still pester you?


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