Canadian PM steals site of memorial for political rival's father

All monuments to “Victims of X” should just be to “Victims of Tyrannical Assholes,” for clarity. It seldom matters what economic policy they’re shrouded in.

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Now, P.M. Steven Just Watch Me Harper is just being spiteful. This is what happens when you spend to much time alone in a tower.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Harper compared this to a Holocaust monument. It would be a stupidly false comparison, and an offensive one as well, but I doubt that would bother him.

so spunky - you don’t think there were any victims of communism?
Stalin - aside from his purges, was responsible for the Ukrainian famine in which millions (10million?)
Mao - also in the millions.
and actually I’m not a Harper supporter.

Thank you so much. I actually am familiar with those bits of history, but I don’t believe either was Canadian. I could be wrong, like I said I’m no Canada scholar.

I was referring to your comment that a comparison between victims of the Holocaust and victims of Communism would be false & somehow offensive. There’s probably a victims of Holocaust monument somewhere in Canada, even though it is not part of our history, and I don’t see anything wrong with that anymore than a monument for victims of Communism. It may not be part of our history, but there are many survivors of both living in Canada. And there were millions of victims in both cases.

You are responding to a comment I did not make. Maybe somebody else did?

sorry I was replying to SpunkyTWS.

I am with evilJaze on this one. The center & left are split into 2 parties. For years when the right was split they had no chance of winning.

Important info, the response was a lot more overreaching than I realized.

Overall I’m still a fan as he implemented a lot of fantastic progressive policies that really form the basis of the modern Canadian identity.

No leader is perfect and the scale of the response is a blemish but I can understand the motive behind the overreaction. Targeted attacks on elected politicians and foreign dignitaries isn’t just a threat to national stability but something that is going to hit politicians personally.

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