Stephen Harper sells Canada: China can secretly sue to repeal Canadian laws


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This whole international treaty thing is proving a back-door to subverting democratic nations. Surely there should some limits — or more limits — on what can be done in treaties?


Sometimes just wish I could make Karl Marx appear so we could have a bier and laugh(?) at this kind of shit.


WTF? I think Hannah Arendt would be surprised at how banal evil can be.


When will these petitions be using HTTPS though… Half of Canada’s PII will probably flow through this web server, potential massive data collection here.


i take it you’re not really clear on how petitions work…


As long as that bier holds Stephen Harper’s casket, I’m with you, Drabula!


I know what you mean, but we’re in 2014, this shit should be on HTTPS no questions asked. Address and Phone # are optional at least, but postal code is not, which means some shady data collection facilities (PRISM-like) would be able to intercept those HTTP queries and log them and categorize you as an “ecologist” and a potential threat by current Canadian government standards.


I am, as always, appalled at Harper’s latest offense.

Sad to say, my fellow Canadians have brought him and his depradations on ourselves. He has a very highly tuned political machine - well funded, but also very intelligently run. He is able to ‘hack’ the FPTP electoral system enough that his party gets enough of the votes in enough of the ridings to maintain control.

I have never and will never vote for the man or his party. I have consistently supported, personally and financially, political parties and groups that support different positions and campaign against him. It is clear that more Canadians agree with Harper than with me. Sure, he only gets 37% of the vote (or whatever), which amounts to a much tinier percentage of people who could vote. The rest of them choose him be default because they can’t be arsed.

So our country goes down the tubes, closely following the apparently unstoppable decline of our Southern neighbours. And it isn’t my fault, but it most certainly is the fault of us Canadians in general. I’ll keep voting, donating, participating, opposing, supporting and whatever else, but I harbour no illusions of victory at this point.

Systems that mostly work and benefit some over others will slowly become more imbalanced over time. We are well into this process in Canada (and in the US you are even further along). The conflicts within the system become ever more fierce, but the imbalances and flaws continue to grow. Until it all breaks down, and then, maybe, there is a chance to fix the flaws. But it also just might break down and stay broken.


The Trans Pacific Partnership has the same provisions.

I am so looking forward to having our local anti-smoking legislation gutted and re-written by Phillip Morris :{


Looks like Canadian citizens need to form a treaty with Canada so they can finally get some representation.


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Sorry to hear this. It used to be that Canada was considered a refuge from overzealous political machinery. Pretty soon there will be no place to hide.


Pursuit of profit has become the highest justification.


"Greed Is Good: A 300-Year History of a Dangerous Idea.

“Not long ago, the pursuit of commercial self-interest was largely reviled. How did we come to accept it?”


Wanna bet this treaty is unconstitutional… except that article of the Constitution has secretly been repealed?


And this, dear Mr. Harper, is exactly what your country has in mind for the EU with that little
CETA gem of yours… China is only redefining the fucker/fuckee relationship here. Open wide, here they come.


I don’t understand.

It sounds like it is a ‘done deal’, so what is the petition for?


It’s actually a secret way to identify trolls and astroturfers.


Er … are there any other examples of this kind of treaty?

See, this is why respecting international sovereignty is important. Respect it, or I’m fairly sure some obnoxious citizen of the nation you’re messing with will do something quite naughty to your interests.