Hundreds of Canadian artists call for repeal of surveillance law

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It’s a topic I want to bring up with my MP. Thanks for the link.

Bonus: your name is just ahead of Jim Leahy.

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Clearly crazy is contagious, you should have moved away from America long ago Canada.

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Wow… hundreds of votes hang in the balance?

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With the Liberals support C-51 isn’t going any where legislatively. I think a better option is to challenge it in the Courts. I think (I hope) the SCoC will find much of it unconstitutional. Failing that, there is always the Notwithstanding Clause.

Only an NDP minority or majority government will make any difference on this issue.

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I’m not sure how an NDP minority could make a difference… they’d have to convince one of the other two parties to switch or have a free vote in the House and hope to convince individual members. They will also have the possibly unheard of hurdle of having absolutely no representation in the Senate, if the current PM appoints no more Senators, the NDP could quickly appoint some or all of the 22 vacant seats, but Mulclair has vowed not to appoint any Senators.Even with a majority they would have an uphill battle to get legislation on to the floor of the Senate (you need someone to introduce the Bill - though a few folks have stepped forward and said they would assist with that (kudos to them!)) and then get approved. I still think the best, fastest method is through the Courts. The current government has not been very careful to ensure legislation meets constitutional requirements, their protestations to the contrary notwithstanding.

Liberals only voted for it so Harper couldn’t call an election and blame the opposition like he did last time, remember 4 years ago when Harper put a budget out refused to say what was in all of it and told every one to vote for it. It failed (Harper only had a minority government) and he got an election right when the opposition was in turmoil and the convservatives were ready. He was trying that trick again to have an election before the gloom of a recession was dumped in his lap. I think C-51 is evil and has to be changed to include oversight, getting warrants and should be in line with the rest of Canada’s criminal code, something which the Liberals have promised if elected (for what that’s worth).

I agree, C-51 needs at the very minimum oversight, warrants, etc.

I do fault the Liberals for falling into that trap so very easily. C-51 was so egregious that they should have done the right thing. And in being so easily led, and in failing to do the right thing in the first place, I’m not sure I believe them when they say they would fix it; C-51 gives a sitting government far, far, too much power and politicians are very poor and relinquishing power once they have it.

I don’t think the liberal were easily led, in fact I think they didn’t do what Harper wanted and the NDP was easily led. Why did some conservatives openly vote against it if not trigger an election, they have a majority and are not really a ‘vote your how you see fit’ party? 6 months ago Canada had a growing economy now they are in a recession. 6 months ago the drop in the price of oil could have been argued as a blip, not anymore. 6 months ago the Canadian dollar was in the .$80+ range now its ~$.75 range down from $.95 a year ago. As long as it’s anyone but Harper, C-51 should be at least modified or outright reversed.

Which Conservatives voted against it? I count 13 who didn’t vote, including Mr. Harper. But I can’t find a No vote. Source:

In any case, I think you have a substantially more positive view of our politicians than I do. I don’t see the NDP or Liberals cooperating to do much of anything.

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