ACTA about to be quietly written into Canadian law


This is just sad.

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People need to tell their MP very clearly that should they vote in this legislation that they will not be voted back into office again. Plain and simple. Do this and it’s your job.

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ok time to wake up again.

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That’s not how Canadian parties work. Unless an MP is willing to be kicked out of their party and either become and independent or change parties (both of which can seriously hurt their chance of re-election), they can’t vote against the party line. Contacting them can help if enough MPs get enough people opposing this, but it has to be changed before it comes up for a vote.

Actually, that’s EXACTLY how Canadian politics work. MPs are elected by their constituents to work on their behalf in Ottawa. The more people realize this the better they can effect change. Tell your MP how you would like them to vote. Enough MPs vote against the Bill, it will be defeated and the Party Line will adjust (on this matter).

Just wrote the Honourable Hedi Fry (MP from Vancouver) and asked her to not support the Bill. Thanks BoingBoing for bringing this to light.

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Perhaps I’m a little late to the party on this one, but we’ve started to organize on Reddit over this - come check out my threads on /r/Canada:

So You Want To Stop Bill C-8 (ACTA)

So You Want To Stop Bill C-8 (ACTA) - Round 2!

Come join us there!

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