Conservative Alberta politician changes sides over Trumpism, gets gendered death threats and slurs from the Tory base

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...with the ultra-right Wild Rose Party
Wrong. The Wildrose Party is as libertarian-leaning as it is freedom-loving, I'm told by relatives who belong to it but who keep the details as vague as they are murky.

The three things they’ll admit is they are Global Warming Skeptics, Rightwing Populists, and that there is no party like a wildrose party because a wildrose party doesn’t stop, the last of which I just made up because the rest is too true.


Canada: sadly, not immune to acute (or chronic) assholism.

I’ve sat back and done the minimum (voting) in previous elections, but if the new federal Conservative leader, whoever he or she is, espouses the same xenophobic, misogynistic, hateful BS that got Trump elected, I pledge to devote every effort to making sure they get their asses handed to them in the next election. I will even hand Justin Trudeau the hammer to smash my preferred party, the NDP, back into the dust that Jack Layton rebuilt them from, if that’s what it takes.

The line gets drawn here. This far, no farther.

Hopefully, the Conservatives elect someone from the old progressive wing, and this pledge is unnecessary. However, Canada has watched Britain and then the U.S. get caught off-guard by right-wing populists. I’m not letting myself make the mistake of underestimating their chances.


Just remember, Tory is merely Gaelic for “thief”.


Well, if you are looking to not let Trump North win the next election in Canada, I urge you to write to Trudeau, Maryam Monsef, and your own local MP and tell them all that you strongly support election reform.

It’ll be a hell of a lot harder for Kellie Leitch to get 51% than 36%.


Which Canadian values are not rebranded British values?


Canadians want to put Wayne Gretzky on their money.


[cough]Kevin O’Leary[cough]


These days, all the good ones.


Only after he dies (which is hopefully not any time soon). A great way to earn the public’s contempt is to receive that level of accolade before you’re dead.


I usually vote NDP too, but my trouble with Mulcaire is that I don’t know who the fuck he is, or if he even cared about his predecessor’s policies.

And that fur coat was off putting. Sure, it’s just a coat but you know? it seems insensitive somehow.




True enough, though we do like to concentrate it all in one province. Not to say there aren’t bastions of it elsewhere in the country (Ford Nation) but Alberta is its own special kind of place.

I am happy to report that moving away to just about anywhere else in Canada is an excellent cure for early onset conservatism.

The Cons won’t pick someone from their progressive wing, most of the genuine Red Tories left with Joe Clark (or rather, didn’t join when their party became CRAP). The few stragglers are likely to be hounded out by the newly inspired wingnut faction.

Federally I’m not too worried - most Tories in the East would recoil in horror at a Kellie Leitch personality. Provincially, the Alberta Conservative party (not actually linked to the Federal party since the late 80s) is highly likely to go full wingnut - partially so they can out-crazy the Wildrosers and partially because that is who they are (when they aren’t well pampered subordinates of the oilpatch).


Also a relatively open approach to immigration.


Well, I did vote NDP in the last election, for what good it did, and I’m an old (very) Red Liberal. The NDP voted against C-51 and opposed TPP, and at this point of my life, I’m looking more at what the politicians are actually doing than at personalities. Trudeau père would be turning in his grave.


Jansen was, until recently, running for the leadership of the PC party in Alberta. She quit the race because of harassment by cough Jason Kenney cough, who was once Stephen Harper’s right hand man.


I’ve voted Orange in pretty much every election except this last one.

This last one, I kept an eye on the polls, quickly determined that Red had a better chance of winning my riding, and voted Red. No way was I going to stick to my principles of it meant that Blue would split the Left again.

As it turns out, wholly unnecessary. Red carried my riding by a substantial margin, and Blue wasn’t even close. I could have safely voted Orange. Still, no egrets.


Usually formed as a humble brag.


It’s nice to know that the USA does not have a monopoly on stupidity.

Love of curling.