John Oliver on the Canadian election: NAILED IT!


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Bring extra - have been a few reports of polling stations demanding more ID than required. May well have been one incident reported several times but be prepared.
ID requirements:


Good point. I voted in the advance polls, and had to argue a little to get my driver’s licence accepted (it’s up-to-date and I haven’t moved in over five years). The problem was the voter card had my apartment number at one end of the street address, and the licence had it at the other end. The officer mentioned she had been told to check the address character by character, which may have led to the confusion.


I didn’t get my card. I got the pamphlet that said “you should have gotten your card by now” so I went with every piece of ID I had, and my city water bill. And that still caused confusion because its in my and my SO’s name, so they checked HIS name instead of mine. To be fair to the kids at the polls it was right at opening and I got the sense they were nervous. All in all even with the confusion it took 6 minutes to vote. Well done Canada.

Now I shall go sit and play video games for a couple hours so I don’t worry myself to death…


That was just brilliant - especially that surprise guest!


Sweet, sweet deliciousness that my local Liberal candidate is named John Oliver. Voting was quite simple for me today, in and out in under a minute. Luckily I had some young folks working my polling station, I’d heard horror stories of the 70+ folks at some of the polling stations being not the quickest.


For some reason we didn’t get cards in the mail, so I just went in with my driver’s licence and was out of there in five minutes.

I would just like to mention to any Americans out there that our ballots are a little index-card-sized piece of paper containing the names of the candidates (plus serial numbers and other fraud preventatives), and we mark our choice with an X using a pencil and then drop the ballot into a box. It’s very low-tech, it works, and it pretty much ensures that Diebold can’t steal the election.


I’m actually surprised the Conservatives didn’t try to bring in some jacked up e-voting boxes.


We DID have some kind of weird voting machines in the last provincial election (I’m in New Brunswick). Predictably, they fucked up.


Good luck, neighbors. We need another country to look up to, and not just one to look up at.


Justin won a majority. It’s crazy…


Huh, I hadn’t heard about Harper’s band before. That seems like a bit of a low blow. But I hadn’t heard of Justin falling down the stairs before, and that’s a comedy goldmine there.


Get ready now for phase two of the ever repeating cycle of democracy, where the liberal party desperately tries to fix the devastation the conservatives have left, getting it barely done (not really) in time to get dropped again in favour of the next conservative government, because obviously liberals don´t have a clue about economics, and that last part is also true.


Hope the door hits your arse on the way out, Harper. You fucking prick.

Here’s hoping this means Canada’s government turns off the shit-cannon aimed at science, truth, beauty, etc.


I wish this day could be a preview for the USA electing Bernie… here’s to hoping.


Well, Liberals > Conservatives pretty much = Dems > GOP.

That much, you should be able to take to the bank. But Canada doesn’t have primaries.

Come to think of it, perhaps the reason there’s so much corrupt, treasonous conspiracy in the US is because their system is inherently more revolutionary and requires more work to keep sewn up by the ruling class…

So much damn glee to be had seeing their grip slipping.


Even Canadians think it’s weird that we’re not waiting for results from Florida.


Back in 2008 when the Republicans were nationalizing all the Wall Street investment banks, bailing out a great many other banks, and bailing out the auto makers, it was explained this way:

The Conservatives in Canada are roughly equivalent to the more liberal Democrats in the US.

The Liberal Party is further to the left.

MUCH further to the left we have the have the unabashedly socialist NDP. They want to do things like spending huge amounts of public money to manipulate the national economy, and nationalize or take a large financial stake in banks and some large corporations. This makes them roughly equivalent to the Republican Party.


It’s a good bit, but the reality is that under Harper the Conservative party was the Republican party. Sure, Canada has slightly different issues, but while Canadians were still laughing at Americans for electing George Bush we went and elected Dick Cheney.


That is brilliant, and perfectly accurate.