Canadian Conservative parliamentarian accuses black rival of "thinking the world revolves around her skin colour"

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Please, when Harper and the “Reform Party” bought the remains of the PC party from a white van in a back alley, at least they dropped Progressive from the name.


This is not even a little bit surprising. American conservatives have been polishing the same turd message for decades. Probably Canadian conservatives too, but I’m not well-read i that department.


Racism; the favored tool of Classism.


The Reform Party was the right-wing dumping ground for the people too racist or wingnut for the Progressive Conservative party. In the end, they took over during the merge to unite the right-of-the-Liberals vote.

Stephen Harper wasn’t any less right, regressive or racist than the US Republicans, just quieter about it.



Indeed. Although I would put it that the Reform Party killed the old PC party and feasted on its remains.

Translation for non-Canadians: the old “Progressive Conservative” party was centre right, the staid party of corporate boardrooms and stock market players and had been around since the beginning. The “Reform Party,” which went by several names since its start in the late 80s including, I kid you not, CCRAP (Canadian Conservative Reform Alliance Party), was the party for right wing wackaloons, fundamentalist Christians, gun toting libertarians, gay hating sexist arseholes, anti-immigration racist nutjobs, and the like.

In the 1993 federal election, the ruling PC party lost heavily. They’d backed NAFTA, they’d presided over a recession, had utterly failed to control the deficit, and they’d enacted the GST sales tax, all of which were hugely unpopular. They went from having 156 seats to only 2 seats. The Reform Party took essentially all of their support in Western Canada, and the Bloc Quebecois took most of their support in Quebec.

The PC party never recovered, and a decade later, they agreed to a takeover and were absorbed into the Reform Party, which became the new Conservative Party of Canada (as distinct from the other CPC, the Communist Party of Canada).


My goal is to bring better policies to all Canadians. That’s an MP’s job."

The disease of asshole spreads to Canada.


The proper new name should be the Regressive Conservative Party.


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What’s this about corporate barebacking?

Knowing what is happening in the U.S. and after reading the article about the UK and austerity and then reading this article, is this the best the west can do anymore? It’s time to blow it all up and I mean literally blow it all up. Elections can’t do it anymore. Progressive folks in the U.S. are hoping for a blue wave. Really? With vulnerable voting machines, the Russians free to create any kind of havoc with our elections without fear of paying a price, the courts being stacked against the working class, even if Progressives eek out a win in the midterms, and by win I mean not losing any more seats, nothing will change. Amerikans will not rise up against their oppressors. We are too busy with our XBox and ‘Game of Thrones’ to care. As long as a Big Mac, a Coke and a extra large order of fries will get them through to their next day, that’s all they care for. I am looking to leave the U.S. but to where? Currently, i am seriously checking out Norway. But, any decent country does not want refugees from a shit hole nation being a burden upon their economy. That last part was a stick in your eye dj trump. Suck on it.


Regressive Repressive Party. They certainly aren’t fiscally conservative.



I am no Conservative, but he is making a valid point which is a little clearer to understand against the informed backdrop of how it seems all we hear about up now is racial issues and indiginous issues and gender issues while government is ignoring all the other responsibilities and concerns of government. I don’t care if someone is of some race or gender, for those are not the only issues and I am sick and tired of those being the only thing that government attends to, to the exception of all other injustices against all the other kinds of Canadians and the actual responsibilities of government being ignored as though the only issues Canada faces were those trending on social media and the realm of political correctness overkill.

Stop talking about the color of your elected skins and your genders, and stop ignoring all the other business of government which such pandering displaces.

Before that, the name was simply the Canadian Alliance Party. Significantly, Preston Manning, the founder and leader of the Reform Party, and Stephen Harper, Reform MP at the time, are both members of the Alliance church, a far-right social conservative evangelical organization.


That may be all you hear, but it’s far from the case.


It’s clear that you perceive governmental activities that way, but it’s also clear that the government attends to FAR more matters than those – it simply has to do so.

I think the question here is not why is the government SO VERY FOCUSED on such matters (because again, it’s clearly not), but rather, why are YOU so focused on them? :thinking:


The only people who can afford to ignore

or other things derided as “identity politics” are those with enough privileges and advantages afforded to them either a) by their race and/or gender being part of the more advantaged community (i.e. Maxime Bernier is a white male) or get enough bonuses from certain aspects of their identity (i.e. a white, cis, female) that they mostly outweigh the downsides of that one part.

The people who actually have to deal with the marginalisation, the redlining, the racism, the sexism, the non-blatant (unless you know what you’re looking for) systemic discrimination… They never get to forget it.