Radical Brownies: girls of color push social justice, not cookies



And here’s how projection of the shadow works: white journalists are going to be horrified that these kids are being taught racism and violence.


Rush Limbaugh will be drubbing his hate-tool over this for sure. :frowning:

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I don’t even… goddammit, thanks for the visual.
It’s been quite some time since I’ve even heard that fat slob’s name - now this. :smile:

When you said radical Brownies, I was slightly disappointed that the Kindred of the Kibbo Kift hadn’t been revived. Only slightly. This is awesome too.

OMG, I think that sound I’m hearing is the entire staff of Faux News hyperventilating in unison.

If one or more of the Brownies is an undocumented immigrant, heads will 'splode.

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Will get shot for resisting or threatening a police officer in …3 …2 …1…

Can my white liberal daughter join?

Maybe not yet, but soon:

The founders say once the program expands to multiple chapters the organization will be open to everybody, but the program will always remain focused on young girls of color.

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“Not all girl scouts are concerned with peddling shortbread cookies.”

Indeed not. I’ve been a [boy] scout in Austria all my youth; scouting is co-educational in Austria, so I think I would have noticed if the girls in our troop had sold any cookies. I’ve been a scoutmaster for some time now, for both boys and girls. I’ve never made them sell shortbread cookies.
But then, we’re neither the GSUSA nor the BSA. We’ve got scouts of all genders, sexual orientations and creeds (and including atheism).

But I don’t think I like the “Radical Brownies” as an organisation. A single-sex, racially-discriminating youth group intended to push a political agenda? What could possibly be wrong about that?

Well, but at least the politics they’re pushing is pretty progressive, so if that works, the girls themselves will soon make sure that the membership policies change.


That’s amazing!

Non-white, non-male spaces are not racist, nor sexist.


Cute, but I still need my fix of Thin Mints.

The article you linked to, by the way, is definitely true as far as racism is concerned.

However, it makes the point that reverse racism does not really exist as a phenomenon. It says that the small injustices that run the other way are just not of the same magnitude, especially because the “victims” can rely on lots of privilege to defend themselves against it. It does not make the point that when you actively try to commit “reverse racism”, it is a good thing.

We’ll have to agree to disagree on that one.

Side note: As a male citizen of a country that still practices male-only conscription for military service or alternative civilian service, I hereby claim that reverse sexism does exist. You might convince me that my privilege as a man counterbalances or even outweighs the one year of my life where I had to work in a job that I did not choose for way too little money, and where non-compliance would have been punished by jail time. But you don’t just get to deny one year of my life where my freedom was limited because I have male parts.

If they are non-white, non-male by coincidence, then no. If they are by exclusion, then yes. The practice requires people to accept an ideology to make the practice legitimate. And whereas I think it is somewhat progressive, this closes off the movement to those with more progressive attitudes, such as those who might not identify with a race or gender at all. Nevermind the debatable premise that a group can teach and foster inclusion, by practicing exclusion.


I am so glad that the “usual suspects” have shown up to tell us why this is totally bogus.



We live in a racist, sexist society, that has an negative effect on women, people of color, and LBGT. You can’t handwave that away by saying you think they are fictional constructs. They might very well be, but they have very real effects on people. People are dead because of it. In order to move past it, we first need to address it, understand it, and then we can figure out a way to move beyond it. By saying “I don’t believe in sexism and racism, therefore it must not really exist as real things” only dismisses the realities of millions of people.


Also, I feel I need to get in on this gif action…

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Most feminists that I have dealt with think that conscription is ordinary sexism. The idea that men should fit an ideal of masculinity or go to prison is pretty fucking patriachial in my, and many other feminists, opinion.