the word “all” has meaning, so take your condescension, roll it up, and sh…

Looks like we have someone missing the point.

How about “not all white people” does fuck all to fix the problems being described, and is said by people who, at best, have done fuck all to fix them for their entire lives.

You want to make a difference? Then get angry at the people causing the problems and take action against them, not the victims and their allies, and for fucks sake don’t go around saying or implying “not all white people”.When we beat racism maybe then you can say “not all white people” and it will actually have meaning, Until then it just shows that you are part of the problem.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing


Sweeping assumptions and broad generalizations are the problem, for everyone.

:thinking:You seem more concerned about the supposed racism faced by white people (“Oh dear, someone lumped me in with other white people! Call the Statistical Accuracy Police!!”) than you do about the actual racism faced by non-white people. :thinking:


I only speak for myself. I am a member of “all”, so when someone makes an “all white people” generalization, I am a subset of that “all”, so I notice what’s being said about “me”, a member of the “all”. At no point did I bitch about reverse racism. This is a term YOU just introduced to the discussion.

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Guess what? So am I.

The difference is that I decided the best way to prove that wrong is to support and believe the victims, and I decided this was the right way long before fascists made my life a living hell for a year.

It’s depressing that other people can’t realise this.


I’m just providing the label for the supposed problem you’re whining about.

Anyway, since someone’s likely to flag your comments as off topic, resulting in both them and my replies to you being deleted, I’m done trying to educate you. Enjoy that delicious White Oblivion.

Edit: Since we’re now in a new thread on this topic (thanks @orenwolf!) , I’d be glad to keep talking about why saying #notallwhitepeople is a problem. But really, there’s so much about it online already that explains the problem so much better than I could. . .


Is that a Paula Dean recipe?


Fits with the “All Lives Matter” movement. And if you were to have this thread on twitter, you’d have several white people giving stories about how someone unfairly called the cops on them.

It’s not that white people are evil or malicious. But a lot of them are profoundly ignorant of what is going on around them.


I find that “Not all white people, but just too damned many of them, and isn’t it about time the rest of us told them that it’s not okay” doesn’t roll off the tongue smoothly.


You really should give it up, dude.

As @orenwolf said, please get some perspective.

Here’s some help:

When we write about things that white people do, we use the generic phrase “white people” as a catchall (see also: wypipo). We use it to represent the type of collective whiteness that unites white people even when y’all aren’t all on the same page or following the same agenda or falling into the same category. It’s that “general you” versus “specific you” type of thing.

We know “not all white people.” We know that there are a great many of you who don’t exemplify any of the behaviors that we talk about, and we are proud of you.

OK, we aren’t necessarily proud of you or handing out awards for people being decent human beings, but we shouldn’t have to, much in the same way we shouldn’t have to specifically say “not all white people” every single time we write a story illustrating something ignorant, racist or otherwise damaging that white people have done. It is implied.


Let me be the first to say that while it’s obviously not “all,” it’s still way too damn people who happen to be White that do this shit.

I have a much more ‘militant’ friend than myself who swears that most White folks are collectively losing their minds; due to centuries of believing their own hype (temporarily embarrassed millionaires who are inherently owed ALL the privileges) only to never have had their expectations come to fruition.

The more stories like this that continue go viral, the more I have to wonder if he’s not onto something there…


The more connected we become the more, uh, connected we become! What is both a relief and appalling is that apparently things are actually getting better, we’re just seeing more of what isn’t yet. I shudder to think what things were really like, but unknown to most, even a few decades ago.

But yeah, we’re still a long way from catching up with even our European cousins, and their shit ain’t all smelling like roses yet either! :disappointed_relieved:


Nobody in this thread or the thread from which it was split at any point said “all white people”. They said “white people”. You’re the one who decided to lump yourself into that and jump straight to being offended by it. If the problematic behavior being associated with that group doesn’t apply to you, consider: 1) realizing that they’re not actually talking about you and know that not all white people behave that way, and 2) taking a moment to reflect on why “white people” is such a common theme in shitty behavior (be it racist, sexist, misogynist, fascist, etc.) and perhaps try to influence your fellow aggrieved whites into not acting like total pissants all the time.

Another white person.


Such a common thing, you’d think white folks would learn not to do that from seeing so many other white folks fail while doing it.

So many white folks are still taking just baby steps when it comes to understanding racial issues, let alone what being white actually means in their own lives, and how it tends to shape their own responses to things…


#notallwhitepeople #hardlyanywhitepeople




I suggest you read @the_borderer’s post again. They are not blaming all white people. They are in fact specifically calling out your exact behavior, which is to inject yourself into a conversation about racism just to make sure that everyone knows that you, personally, are not a racist.

We know it’s not all white people. That’s the whole point of the post you’ve quoted. Absolutely no one here was ever making the argument that all white people are racists. But it’s enough of us to be a pervasive, systemic problem, and “but I’m not an asshole!” is not a productive or helpful contribution to the conversation. Congratulations for missing that exact point and doing exactly what @the_borderer said someone would do.

[extreme Alan Rickman voice]