Reverse Racism (topical gif/jpeg bank)


@funruly, @milliefink, etc… please add your gifs of people mocking whitey. Here is the first entry:

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Did you ever want to play questions?
White woman wants minority internship, sues Getty Foundation
Trump has already changed everything
Trump the Chump
Squarespace exec told staffer "you’re so black, you blend into the chair"
Harriet Tubman on the $20?

white tears mug, anticipatory beverage-slurping


Harvey Birdman, Black Vulcan, Whitefish


Thankss Mindy, this should be a useful repository in the coming months!

Probably my favorite:

Reverse racism lol



No white people have ever founded a major religion?


Off topic (though it’s a great gif), as it’s not a discussion thread, but a gif bank! Please replace with a derisive gif about white people… Thanks!


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Donald Sutherland is white, right? Right??




Oh! That’s white nonsense in the present tense!

white nonsense in the past

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Much better, thanks!


nothing but net


white opinion SURPRISE!


Glen Beck crying, scared white man


being white is HARD; demographic winter`


Oprah on her “White People” Episode.
poprah kill whitey


Boys in the Hood, keep it all black



whites never suffered