Poll worker charged with assaulting black voter, shouting racist remarks


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Pollster Pauline?


I really thought we had hit bottom with this shit. Where is that FUUUUCK!!! Meme?


This one will have to do; I’m all out of ‘impotent rage’ right at this moment.

Poll Place Petunia.


“If you call the police, they’re going to take you to jail and do something to you, because I’m white,” Barnes told her in front of several witnesses.

Doesn’t get much more face value than that.


I think I am gonna need to drink tonight, regardless of how it goes. Sigh.




Thank you.


Need a sawing Texas off gif STAT


Along the lines of sawing things…
If you want to piss a Texan off just tell them that if they cut Alaska in half Texas would be the third largest state in the country! I reserve that line for use on people like Pollster Pauline.


Barnes walked up to her and shoulder bumped her and said, "I’m white. Have you seen the news?"

Has she seen the exiting polls, because it’s going to butt hurt her for some time into the future.


So I guess we can celebrate the newfound honesty of the GOP?


can you imagine how ineluctably maddening this is for someone like myself who is both a far-left liberal democrat and an 8th generation native of this state?


Once she is widely id’d, I think that will be the least of her worries.


Can you imagine the look you would get for using the word “ineluctably”?


i don’t have to imagine, i’m teaching high school juniors and seniors this year and their response to my vocabulary has been just as gobsmacked as the 6th graders i’ve been teaching.


Fuck sake. What a sad little bubble she must inhabit.


No @beschizza things are already worse. WE have to make them get better.


Typo. Never put done to incompetence what can adequately be explained by errant sbellczech


I truly wish people like that had their own entire world devoid of absolutely everyone they hate… and also without all our inventions and contributions to society.

Let them live in a world without seasoning, good music or open heart surgery, should their sad excuses for hearts ever fail them.